BBC Acorn A3000

A3000base_1.jpg - 26Kb
A grubby looking BBC Acorn A3000 ready for restoration to its former glory.

A3000base_2.jpg - 23Kb
Firstly at the rear, slacken the 2 screws and slide out the locking plates (downwards).

A3000base_3.jpg - 24Kb
Undo (1) screw in the centre of the base.

A3000base_4.jpg - 33Kb
Press tabs at rear of lid "inwards" then raise rear. You will also have to ease
the front of the case free by pressing tabs in the 3 slots on the underside.

A3000base_5.jpg - 34Kb
Grip carefully at both ends and remove each of the 2 Keyboard Ribbons by pulling upwards.
The keyboard will the lift off.

A3000base_6.jpg - 32Kb
Unplug all connectors to the mainboard (noting there positions for re-assembly).
Also unplug the 2 stereo speakers and remove them.

A3000base_7.jpg - 29Kb
Remove the floppy drive unit by unscrewing the 4 screws found on the underside of the case.

A3000base_8.jpg - 29Kb
By pressing in the middle of the Power Supply Label you will feel a square hole.
Make 3 cuts to reveal access to a deeply recessed screw. Undo to remove the PSU lid.

A3000base_9.jpg - 24Kb
Remove 3 screws securing mainboard (centre,centre left and bottom left).
The lift the PSU and mainboard away. (after unplugging mains cable and earth strap)

A3000base_10.jpg - 45Kb
Clean the Mainboard using a small paintbrush and a vacuum cleaner.
The difference is noticable in the photograph. Just like new underneath.

A3000base_11.jpg - 32Kb
Clean all other components using Vacuum or damp cloth method.
Keyboard cleaning is described in full in the Acorn A3010 section.

A3000base_12.jpg - 38Kb
Re-assemble is the reverse of the steps above.
Lovely and clean. Ready to accept keyboard.

A3000base_13.jpg - 39Kb
Keyboard fitted. To fit the Keyboard ribbons, hold each end of the ribbon and press firmly
into connectors. Its a tight squeeze but unless you've got giant hands you should do it ok.

A3000base_14.jpg - 28Kb
Main case back on and powered up. Job well done.


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