Messenger Pro Email and News Application

Messenger Pro is a versatile Email and News application.
Recommended for email as no Windoze nasties will effect RISC OS machines.
And until recently I used this for USENET access for reading the comp.sys.acorn News Groups.
This only stopped as my ISP has stopped free access to USENET, so I need to find another server.

info.jpg - 24Kb
This is the program Info dialogue giving details of Program name,
it's purpose(obvious), Author's and version number.

users.jpg - 20Kb
This option lets multiple users access the program by selecting their respective
user name. This is a single user machine so it's set for the Classic Acorn website.

utilities.jpg - 20Kb
The Utilities option displays various commonly used functions.

main.jpg - 33Kb
This is Messsenger Pro's main window. It shows three main folders for Incomming Mail,
ie unread, Sent Mail and Sent News. The two folders below are user created for storing
mail or messages in a location of your choice for archive. So the Classic Acorn folder
contains sixteen messages of which none are un-read.

groupsub.jpg - 27Kb
This option shows that the Incomming Mail folder will be displayed in the
Main Groups list. Essential really or you dont know if you got any mail.

group_news.jpg - 42Kb
This button shows subscribed and unsubscribed newsgroups.

group_folders.jpg - 28Kb
The folders button shows active and dormant folders.

archgroups.jpg - 12Kb
Identical in looks to Main Groups but this section is used for storing or Archiving
Mail and news thta is rarely looked at. So it's really a back up source.

searchmess.jpg - 39Kb
The Search Messages tool is used to search a group by Body, Subject or Sender etc.

addressbook.jpg - 26Kb
Address Book is self explanatory, ie displayed by names which relate to email's

add_new.jpg - 28Kb
Again this is the window used for adding a new contact to your address book.

add_replace.jpg - 19Kb
A Find and Replace window for changing details on people in the address book.

email.jpg - 34Kb
This is the main blank email window. As with any email client you add who you are
sending to, if you wish to CC the mail, and subject. Also where the message will be
stored after sending. There is also a spell check button at the top.

incoming.jpg - 17Kb
This window shows any recently recieved email that has not been read.

outqueues.jpg - 15Kb
This window shows and email or news that is waiting to be sent either on the press
of the transfere news/mail buttons or at the pre-set automated time interval.

status.jpg - 7Kb
The Status window shows what the machine is currently doing ie downloading news, organising or deleting old outdated news etc, with a progress bar indicator.

waste.jpg - 15Kb
The Waste Basket is again self explanatory, ie deleted mail etc.

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