NetFetch Internet Connectivity Application

NetFetch is an application that is central to Internet use on RISC OS.
It interacts with the likes of MessengerPro etc to do the physical
"grabbing" of email and news etc from the internet.

info.jpg - 24Kb
This is the program Info dialogue giving details of Program name,
it's purpose(obvious), Author's and version number.

choices.jpg - 18Kb
This window gives you direct access the the Applications main sections.

account.jpg - 30Kb
This window is where you set up your email and news server settings

email.jpg - 19Kb
The Email Accounts window lest you set up your individial email accounts.

tasks.jpg - 19Kb
The Tasks menu lets you launch such things as web browser, email client,
do an instant check for fresh email or news and file transfere's

programs.jpg - 23Kb
This window lets you set up the default applications that you wish to be used with
NetFetch. Slightly outdated this image as I now use NetSurf instead of WebsterXL

settings.jpg - 36Kb
The settings window lets you set up all those basic features like how often email
is checked, and wether to Fetch/send on startup etc.

fetch.jpg - 21Kb
The Fetch Menu allows you to do tasks directly ie send mail only etc.

otherprogs.jpg - 38Kb
The Other Programs button brings up this menu that I have never really found use for.

progs.jpg - 20Kb
The Internet Programs is a window that I tend to dock onto the top of the taskbar.
It just gives you direct access to common functions.

show.jpg - 23Kb
This option just displays what is asked, it also has a handy Mail Log.

task_list.jpg - 11Kb
Another option that I have never found a use for - Tho thats just me.

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