Acorn A30x0 Mouse


A30x0mouse_1.jpg - 16Kb
A standard Acorn(Logitec) mouse off of a A30x0 series computer.
There's nothing worse than using a filthy "rodent"

A30x0mouse_2.jpg - 16Kb
View of the underside, this is where most of the grime gets attatched.

A30x0mouse_3.jpg - 14Kb
First remove the "ball" by gripping the lock-ring and turning it left or sometimes right.
Next remove the 2 securing screws.

A30x0mouse_4.jpg - 19Kb
Lift the lid upwards from the "screw" end and unhook it at the other.
This will reveal the components and probably years of filth.

A30x0mouse_5.jpg - 16Kb
The components are easily removed, they just lift out. Dust everything and get all the grime
off of the 2 encoder rollers. This is the biggest cause of mouse problems.

A30x0mouse_6.jpg - 18Kb
The mouse re-assembled after being dusted and wiped with a damp cloth.
It looks 110% better now.

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