Archimedes 310 Keyboard

Stripdown and Clean

A310kboard_1.jpg - 37Kb
An Archimdes 310 keyboard for stripdown and clean. It is very yellowed.
I can't do anything about that but we can make it look better.

A310kboard_2.jpg - 22Kb
First turn the unit over and unscrew and remove the 8 self tapping screws on the rear.

A310kboard_3.jpg - 31Kb
The rear cover can now be lifted off.
Next unscrew and remove the 4 screws on the ends of the PCB and 3 from the middle, as shown.

A310kboard_4.jpg - 29Kb
The keyboard unit is now free from the case.

A310kboard_5.jpg - 24Kb
To seperate the key unit from the PCB, unscrew and remove the 21 screws shown.

A310kboard_6.jpg - 37Kb
The 2 halves will now come apart. Vacum out any dust from the contacts.

A310kboard_7.jpg - 34Kb
The keys can be pulled off one at a time, then wiped clean with a damp cloth.
Note the small rubber dust shield which goes under each key.
Refitting the keys is a pain as when you puch the key back on it tries to pop the switch apart from behind.
This is the most tricky keyboard I have done. No more pics Im afraid as I run out of film on this one.
But re-assembly is not difficult at all.

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