A4000 Specifications

Product Code
AGC56/AKF50 - Acorn A4000 2Mb RAM 210Mb HDD with 14" SVGA Monitor
32 Bit RISC Processor (ARM 250) 12Mhz
Operating System
RISC OS 3.11
Applications Suite
Standard (Software inclucing a painting program, text editor, drawing package, music composition and editing program, all provided as starndard, so the machine is ready to go).
2Mb useable memory expandable to 4Mb
103 Key enhanced PC AT Style
Internal Hard Drive
Disc Drives
Single 3.5" Floppy
80 Mb HDD
3 Button - provides the main method of controlling the window interface.
Parallel Port
Centronics bi-directional port (25pin), allows connection of standard printers.
Serial Port
Allows connection to communications equipment (modems) and serial devices.
Network Interface Slot
Allows connection to Acorn's Econet network or to industry standard Ethernet networks.
Expansion Slot
1 Allows for the installation of packplane podules for video cameras and scanners.
3.5mm jack for stereo sound for use with standard headphones or to connect to an amplification system, combined with an internal mono speaker.
Analogue RGB allowing connection to a range of low cost monitors (640*256 up to 256 colours), VGA (640*480 up to 256 colours) or SVGA (800*600 up to 16 colours).

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