Misc. Acorn Archimedes A3000 Pictures

a3000.jpg - 20Kb
An Acorn A3000 RISC OS Machine with Welcome Guide.

a3000_arm3_1.jpg - 20Kb
A view of an ARM 3 Processor Upgrade inside an A3000 (The A3000 shipped with ARM 2).

a3000_arm3_2.jpg - 19Kb
Another view of the ARM 3 Upgrade, there is also a IDE Podule with 3.5" Hard Disc.

a3000_castle_ide.jpg - 20Kb
A Castle Technology IDE Interface.

a3000_expansion_card.jpg - 19Kb
This case allowed the use of Archimedes style 'long' podules to be fitted to the rear of an A3000

a3000_nexus_econet_card.jpg - 20Kb
A view of an A3000 with a SJ Research NEXUS Network Podule fitted..

a3000_setup.jpg - 20Kb
A nice clean A3000 system. ( some yellowing to brand logo's )

A3000(1).jpg - 19Kb
A brochure cover I believe for the BBC A3000
The A3000 still retained the BBC corporate logo and BBC Owl image.
It was the last Acorn machine to do so I believe.

A3000_bottom.jpg - 20Kb
the underside of the A3000 always fascinated me in that you can see a location in the
recessed pocket by the power supply that I believe was for an auxillary power output
Like the one on the BBC Micro for powering external Floyy Disc Drives etc.
There is also a compartment for 2 x AA style batteries for the CMOS RAM
This was not used and the motherboard had a battery soldered directly to it.

A3000_box1.jpg - 19Kb
An image of the BBC A3000 Learning Curve Promotional Box.

A3000_box2.jpg - 20Kb
Another inage of the A3000 Learning Curve box.

A3000_box22.jpg - 20Kb
A general view of the A3000 in its polystyrene inserts.

A3000 Boxed 1.jpg - 19Kb
The standard design A3000 box.

A3000 Boxed 22.jpg - 20Kb
Polystyrene packaging similar in design and execution to the BBC Master Machine.

A3000_docs.jpg - 19Kb
The documentation and software manuals issued with an A3000

A3000ex.jpg - 20Kb
A shot of a relatively clean and un-yellowed BBC A3000.

A3000in(2).jpg - 20Kb
inside the machine we see a IDE Hard Drive Upgrade, a Main Memory expansion 1-2Mb
Also of note a metal cover for the Power Supply. Early machine had a Cardboard Cover !

A3000_left.jpg - 19Kb
A view of the left hand side of the machine showing power switch.

A3000_manuals.jpg - 20Kb
The A3000 Welcome Guide and RISC OS USer guide ( RISC OS 2 originally )

A3000_package.jpg - 19Kb
A view of an A3000 Learning Curve package.

A3000_rear.jpg - 20Kb
A view of the rear of an A3000 with User Port / Midi Port podule fitted.
I do not know the other ribbon cable. External Floppy Drive maybe?

A3000_rearpanel.jpg - 20Kb
A view of a clean, un-expanded A3000. Note the Econet Not Fitted sticker covering the socket.

A3000_right.jpg - 19Kb
A view of the right hand side of the A3000 showing Floppy Disc Drive and Reset Switch.

A3000_software.jpg - 20Kb
A view of the Software packages that come with the A3000.

A3000_toppanel.jpg - 19Kb
A top-down view of the Acorn A3000. Quite a good looking machine in its day.

acorn_a3000_boxed_1.jpg - 20Kb
This is another view of the standard A3000 packing box.

acorn_a3000_boxed_2.jpg - 20Kb
A view of the other side, showing the Learning Curve pack graphics.

acorn_a3000_boxed_3.jpg - 19Kb
this box contained the Learning Curve Software packages.

acorn_a3000_boxed_42.jpg - 20Kb
So a basic Word Processing Package, A software PC Emulator with Digital Research DR DOS 5.0
Introduction audio cassette's and the machines disc software and support disc's

acorn_a3000_boxed_5.jpg - 19Kb
A top-down view showing how the learning curve pack fitted below the A3000 in its box filling a space.

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