Misc. Acorn A3010 Mezzanine Pictures

AMEZCPU.jpg - 20Kb
The early A3010's came with a mezzanine CPU board.
The machine was to have the new ARM250 CPU that was faster than the earlier ARM 2,
But as the Chip was still not in production a compromise was made and these early
machines had an ARM 2 CPU with three support chips fitted to a Mezzanine board.
'Mezzanine' because it was fitted up and above of the main motherboard.
When development was ready, the new ARM 250 CPU was soldered Directly to the motherboard.

AINSIDE.jpg - 20Kb
A view inside an early A3010, the Mezzanine board is difficult to see but is
located in the centre of the machine just below the keyboard.

ASCRN.jpg - 19Kb
Just a reference shot of the RISC OS Desktop on this machine.

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