Misc. Acorn A3010 Pictures

a3010_3mb_upgrade_simtec_1.jpg - 20Kb
A SimTec 3Mb RAM Upgrade that raised system RAM to 4Mb Total.

a3010_3mb_upgrade_simtec_2.jpg - 20Kb
A view of the product details on the PCB

a3010_3mb_upgrade_simtec_3.jpg - 19Kb
Another view of the RAM upgrade showing the mainboard connecting pins.

a3010box_1.jpg - 20Kb
A Acorn A3010 BOx with Action Pack games package.

a3010box_2.jpg - 19Kb
The A3010 box opened up. No more polystyrene, this was all cardboard.

a3010box_3.jpg - 20Kb
The Action Pack containing some game demo's including the addictive Zool
Along with the pack containing the PC emulator and support discs for RISC OS 3

a3010_boxed_1.jpg - 20Kb
A nice clean A3010 and packing box.

a3010_boxed_2.jpg - 19Kb
The box opened up revealing the machine in its original plastic bag.

a3010_boxed_3.jpg - 20Kb
A closeup of the Action Pack, including Zool, Chuck Rock and Super Pool.

a3010_boxed_4.jpg - 19Kb
A view inside the opened A3010 box showing manuals and mouse storage points.

a3010_welc.jpg - 20Kb
The A3010 Welcome Guide book cover.

A3010_box1.jpg - 20Kb
A general view of the A3010 Box.

A3010_box2.jpg - 19Kb
A side view of the A3010 box.

A3010_box3.jpg - 20Kb
A view of the other end of the box showing product code and customer service information.

A3010_box4.jpg - 19Kb
The associated manuals and accessories within the A3010 machine box.

A3010_boxed.jpg - 20Kb
A shot a nice A3010 with original manuals and disc's plus some extra software.

A3010_boxedup.jpg - 20Kb
A view of an early A3010 I believe. I had one with this graphic and it had its
processor on a mezzanine board as the new ARM chip was not finalised.
So all the individual parts of the ARM chip were seperate on this Mezzanine.

A3010_complete.jpg - 19Kb
A view of a nice clean A3010

A3010_docs.jpg - 20Kb
The A3010 Welcome and RISC OS User Guides along with RISC OS 3 Release Notes.

A3010_front.jpg - 19Kb
A view of the front and top of the A3010.

A3010_left.jpg - 20Kb
The left hand side only contains the small reset switch.

A3010_rear.jpg - 20Kb
A view of the rear of the machine. Note, no podule has been fitted.
The A3010 was aimed at home/gaming so had two joystick ports on the rear.

A3010_right.jpg - 19Kb
A view of the right hand side of the A3010 showing the 3.5" Floppy Disc Drive.

A3010_software.jpg - 20Kb
The standard software package that came with the A3010

A3010_top.jpg - 19Kb
A top-down view of the Acorn A3010 showing the early graphics promoting its uses.

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