Misc. Acorn A4 Pictures

a4_box.jpg - 20Kb
A clean Acorn A4 Product Box

a4_box_contents.jpg - 20Kb
On opening we see the supplied literature and disc software.

a4_general.jpg - 19Kb
A general view of the Acorn A4 Laptop.

a4_keyboard.jpg - 27Kb
A closeup view of part of the Keyboard. It was quite a nice keyboard to use.

A4_econet_module.jpg - 37Kb
A view of the optional Econet upgrade for the Acorn A4.

A4_in_case.jpg - 70Kb
An A4 in a Hard travelling Case ( Not of Acorn origin ).

A4_in_case_2.jpg - 43Kb
this A4 is in an original Acorn A4 carry case.

A4_Manuals.jpg - 19Kb
A view of the Welcome Guide and Portable Guide.

A4_top.jpg - 34Kb
A general view of the A4 open.

acorna4laptop1.jpg - 33Kb
A view of the A4 working and with Acorn Mouse. You could move the pointer with arrow keys.
Though this is not really practical and there were no real track pads back then.

acorna4laptop2.jpg - 52Kb
A general view of the Keyboard Layout.

acorna4laptop3.jpg - 52Kb
All of the ports were covered by pull down flaps. It looked nice closed but
looked cluttered when open and full of cables.

acorna4laptop4.jpg - 52Kb
A view of the underside showing removable battery in the lower left corner.

acorna4laptop5.jpg - 52Kb
A general view of manuals, battery and a Dongle ( Probably for !Impression ).

acorn_a4.jpg - 52Kb
A general 3/4 view of the laptop open and 'inset' closed.

Acorn A4 laptop closed.jpg - 52Kb
Another View of the A4 closed showing Acorn branding on the top cover.

Acorn A4 laptop closeup.jpg - 52Kb
A look at the Acorn branding above the keyboard on the right hand side.

Acorn A4 laptop top.jpg - 52Kb
A view again of the A4 in the open position.

Acorn_A4_mint.jpg - 52Kb
A look at a mint condition A4 with all components present.

Archimedes A4 Laptop.jpg - 52Kb
Another view of an A4 with travelling case.

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