Misc. Acorn A4000 Pictures

a4000c.jpg - 20Kb
An Acorn A4000. It was a very good looking machine in its day.

a4000_welcome_guide.jpg - 20Kb
A view of the Welcome Guide for the A4000.

A4000 Econet Card.jpg - 19Kb
An ECONET card suitable for fitting inside the A4000.

A4000ex.jpg - 20Kb
A general external view of the A4000 and keyboard.
Quite a nice keyboard but very long travel keys compared to todays standard.

A4000in.jpg - 19Kb
A view inside the A4000. The machine was fitted with a Hard Drive as standard.
The only expansion would be to upgrade the RAM, add a single Podule and Econet.

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