Misc. Acorn Archimedes A500 Prototype Pictures

a500_1.jpg - 20Kb
Acorn A500 (Archimedes prototype) one of a number of prototypes built initially to develop
Acorn's abandoned ARX operating system and used for Arthur and RISC OS software development.

a500_2.jpg - 20Kb
A closer look at the keyboard. Origin unknown. IBM ?

a500_3.jpg - 19Kb
The keyboard appears to be connected to the machine via a UK Telephone style connector.

a500_4.jpg - 27Kb
A rear view showing the basic construction and possibly a BBC Master PSU ?

a500chips.jpg - 27Kb
A selection of procesor chips from the machine.

a500 Prototype.jpg - 27Kb
Another general view of the machine.

prototype_a500_1.jpg - 27Kb
A view of the front of the machine with front bezel removed.

prototype_a500_2.jpg - 27Kb
A skeleton view of the machine, confirming the BBC Master PSU.

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