Misc. Acorn Online Set Top Box Pictures

Acorn_online_stb_1.jpg - 20Kb
A general view of the Acorn Online Set Top Box.

Acorn_online_stb_2.jpg - 20Kb
A view of the rear of the unit.

Acorn_online_stb_3.jpg - 20Kb
A top and front view. ( Note: no branding visible ).

Acorn_online_stb_4.jpg - 20Kb
A view with the case removed.

Acorn_online_stb_5.jpg - 20Kb
Of note here, an ARM 7500 Processor and RISC OS Operating System.

Acorn_online_stb_6.jpg - 20Kb
An i-cubed network podule installed.

Acorn_online_stb_7.jpg - 20Kb
An Online Media branded remote control unit.

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