Misc. Iyonix Pictures

Castle_Panther_Iyonix.jpg - 20Kb
A Castle Technology Panther Iyonix.

Inside_Panther.jpg - 20Kb
A view inside the Panther Iyonix.

Ionix1.jpg - 20Kb
A view of the original Iyonix Case.

Ionix2.jpg - 20Kb
A view of the Machine running.

Ionix3.jpg - 20Kb
High resolution screen mode.

Ionix4.jpg - 20Kb
A rear view of the case.

iyonix_std.jpg - 20Kb
Another view of the standard original case.

x100desktop.jpg - 20Kb
A view of the Iyonix X100. A desktop design similar to the older Acorn A7000 machines.

x100tower.jpg - 20Kb
The machine could also stand vertically wih the aid of a stylish stand.
Similar to the Risc PC that had clip on feet for vertical orientation.

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