Misc. Processor Card Pictures

586cardforriscpc.jpg - 20Kb
A 586 PC Card for the Acorn RISC PC

Acorn_Strongarm200upgrade.jpg - 20Kb
An Acorn StrongARM 200 Processor Upgrade for the RISC PC

aleph1_586card.jpg - 20Kb
A Aleph One 586 PC Processor Card

arm710card.jpg - 20Kb
An Acorn ARM 710 Processor

kinetic_strongarm.jpg - 20Kb
A Kinetic StrongARM Processor card for the RISC PC developed by Castle Technology.

riscPC_card_boxed.jpg - 20Kb
A RISC PC x86 Card upgrade pack, with Processor, software and Manual.

rpc_486dx2-66_ibm.jpg - 20Kb
A 486 DX2-66 Processor Card

strongarm200.jpg - 20Kb
An Acorn StrongARM 200MHz Processor Card for the RISC PC

strongarm200_closeup.jpg - 20Kb
A close up view of the StrongARM 200 Processor ( SA-110K )

x86cardpackage.jpg - 20Kb
This is the Acorn x86 Card Upgrade package for the RISC PC line of machines.
The main package contains the processor card, Software disc, Manual and Guarantee card.
There were several types of PC card over the years, this one was a 486 DX4 100 Mhz.
You also got another package with this and that was a boxed copy of IBM PC DOS 7.0
Performance was not great, but you could run a fair few DOS based application from the
time. It was however much more compatible that the BBC Master 512's effort.

x86card.jpg - 20Kb
A close up view of the 486 DX4 100 Mhz Processor Card.

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