Acorn A3010

NOTE! The following images and list of Item's on this page referre
to the Acorn A3010 Family Pack AGB15

Other Acorn A3010 packs were available at the time.

a3010_box_1.jpg - 48Kb
A front view of the A3010 Family Pack AGB15

a3010_box_2.jpg - 43Kb
Rear view describing the features of the A3010 and contents of the box.

a3010_box_3.jpg - 19Kb
Side view showing Model, Product Code and Serial Number of the machine inside.

a3010_box_4.jpg - 25Kb
Sliding the cover off reveals the standard Acorn Packaging.

a3010_box_5.jpg - 41Kb
Opening the lid of the box reveals a top-section where the manuals, software, mouse etc would be housed.

a3010x.jpg - 25Kb
The A3010 machine. This one features a colourful transfere on the top of the case.
These transfere's were removable.

a3010_welc.jpg - 26Kb
The A3010 Welcome guide which takes you through initial setup of the A3010

ros3_uapps.jpg - 37Kb
A rather heavy RISC OS 3 User guide / Applications Guide.

ros3_apsup.jpg - 22Kb
Two Floppy discs; Applications and Support.

A30x0mouse_6.jpg - 18Kb
A 3 button Mouse

No images as yet for the following item's;

RF Lead
Guarantee Registration Card
Audio Training Tape
EasiWord - Word Processing Software
Quest For Gold - Game Disc
A couple of FREE! TDK 3.5" Floppy Discs

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