Ribbon Cable Repair

This is the Floppy Drive Ribbon Cable out of an A3000 which someone had cut.

Ribbon_Repair_1.jpg - 16Kb
This ribbin cable was snipped through a missing podule blanking plate. 2 cuts were made to it.
In this pic I've already cut the edges even and seperated the strands.

Ribbon_Repair_2.jpg - 20Kb
Here Ive made up 3 repair sections. The pic is bad as shadows make it look like there are more wires.

Ribbon_Repair_3.jpg - 17Kb
Here I've tinned all wires and joined the inner wire then covered it with insulation tape.
The second join has just been made.

Ribbon_Repair_4.jpg - 15Kb
Here ive finnished the repair. It doesnt look pretty but it works. If your after a showroom machine
then get a new section made up but this will get an old machine running again.

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