Acorn Applications Titles for the

Archimedes and Later RISC OS Machines.

advance_1.jpg - 25Kb
Acorn Advance Package
A software suite comprising of Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database and Graphics.

advance_2.jpg - 31Kb
Rear view of the box which describes each component in detail.

advance_3.jpg - 38Kb
Contents include; Advance User Guide, Advance Project Guide, Climate Project Map,
Release Notes, Owner Registration Card, and 4 floppy discs,
2 containing the applications and 2 containing data for the tutorials.

omniclient_2.jpg - 24Kb
OmniClient, Part of Acorn's Universal Networking Portfolio providing connectivity to
NTServer, LAN Manager, Windows for Workgroups and NFS Solutions.

pc_emulator.jpg - 40Kb
PC Emulator, Comprising of Manual, Release Notes, EULA, Registration Document,
Pre-paid return envelope and 4 disc's containing, Single Tasking CGA,
Multitasking CGA/EGA/VGA Emulation, MS-DOS 3.5, and CD-ROM Support Disc.
This Product was mainly supplied with A3000-A5000 machines.

Source of Information : AcornSoft Product Descriptions.

InterWORD_Archimedes_Version.jpg - 24Kb
INTER-WORD Work Processing software package on ROM for the early Archimedes Range.
So A300/400 series with a ROM Podule to take the firmware. It came with installation
guide for the ROM. Various Manuals and Function Keystrip for the Keyboard.

interwordbook.jpg - 24Kb
Understanding INTER-WORD Beginners Guide book for the Archimedes Range of Machines.

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