RISC PC 600 CMOS Battery replacement
and Upgrade to RISC OS Six.

600upgd_1.jpg - 24Kb
First up, the CMOS Battery was leaking. The battery was not dead as the machine retained its CMOS
Data and Clock, but these batteries MUST be replaced at the first sign of leakage.

600upgd_2.jpg - 20Kb
On the rear of the mainboard locate and desolder the three joints shown.
I use a de-solder tool to remove most of the solder then heat the joints and ease the battery free.

600upgd_3.jpg - 39Kb
With battery removed, use the de-solder tool to remove excess solder from the holes on the mainboard.
If any battery leakage has occurred, clean it as best you can.

600upgd_4.jpg - 24Kb
Fit the new battery to the mainboard. I had to adjust the leg spacing to match the holes on the PCB.
Solder in place. take care not to overheat the joints and have to much heat soak into the battery.

600upgd_5.jpg - 29Kb
Another view of the newly installed battery.

600upgd_6.jpg - 34Kb
With the mainboard out I removed one of the two 8Mb Simm's and replaced it with a 64Mb FP module.
Just to give the machine a little more RAM. I will add another 64Mb later.

600upgd_7.jpg - 44Kb
With the mainboard out, it's the time for that OS upgrade. So, out came RISC OS 3.5 and in 4.39
This is the minimum OS version any RISC OS machine should be running for later software compatability.

600upgd_8.jpg - 28Kb
Mainboard re-fitted to the chassis.

600upgd_9.jpg - 22Kb
Out came the original 420Mb Conner Hard Drive and it has been replaced by a MAXTOR 13.6GB 5400rpm drive.

600upgd_10.jpg - 29Kb
Hard Drive fitted, cables for IDE and Floppy in place. i-Cubed network card fitted along with PSU.

600upgd_11.jpg - 23Kb
The stock CUMANA (Panasonic interface) CD-ROM drive was replaced with a modern LG CD-RW drive.
This is in the first slice of the machine.

600upgd_12.jpg - 29Kb
First Slice fitted to the base and cabling reconnected.

600upgd_13.jpg - 25Kb
Second Slice fitted along with 4-slot backplane and processor.

600upgd_14.jpg - 17Kb
Installation of RISC OS Six went smoothly by using the installer on the CD.
The machine is booting to RISC OS 6.06 Note that 6.06 is softloading, so RAM is now shown as 66MB.
This machine still only has 1MB VRAM and is still on a ARM 610 Processor.
Both these Items to be upgraded at a later stage.

600upgd_15.jpg - 18Kb
RISC OS Six splash screen on bootup.

600upgd_16.jpg - 19Kb
Here we are at the desktop. Running at 1024x768 and 256 colours. Due to only 1MB VRAM.

600upgd_17.jpg - 16Kb
A reference shot of the newley upgraded machine up and running.

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