Serial, Econet and Memory
Upgrade on a A3000

This is a major upgrade to one of my Acorn A3000's
It covers all 3 simultaniously but if you are performing
only one part of it I believe there is enough information
here, if not, email me and I will give all the help I can.

a3000upgrade_1.jpg - 40Kb
You will need the following parts;
Serial Upgrade; G65SC51P (28pin) and a LT1133 (24pin)
Econet Upgrade; 1x Econet Module, 2x supports.
RAM Upgrade; 1MB Memory module (this one is Acorn OEM)

a3000upgrade_2.jpg - 23Kb
Ok, as before, start by unscrewing and removing the single screw highlighted from the base of the unit.

a3000upgrade_3.jpg - 15Kb
Next, at the rear, loosen and allow the rear securing clamps to drop down and clear of the unit.

a3000upgrade_4.jpg - 16Kb
Push the clips "in" whilst lifting the top of the case upwards to free it.
Take care when unclipping the front of the case as it is easily damaged.

a3000upgrade_5.jpg - 30Kb
A view of our mainboard ready to take the upgrades. "Yellow" indicates the sockets for the serial upgrade.
"Red" for the Econet. And "Blue" for the Memory.

a3000upgrade_6.jpg - 66Kb
So fit the 65SC51 to IC 1 and the LT1133 to IC 7, noting chip "notches" face the PSU or "left" as here.
Fit the Econet module and supports as shown in the A3000 Econet Upgrade section.

a3000upgrade_7.jpg - 32Kb
To fit the memory upgrade, first unscrew and remove the 2 screws highlighted.

a3000upgrade_8.jpg - 31Kb
Next align the sockets on the memory upgrade with the pins on the mainboard.
Note, the upgrade only fits one way round as the 2 screws removed go back through 2 brackets that secure
it to the mainboard. So align, then "evenly" push down on the module until it is fully down.
Then refit the 2 screws and the top cover to the machine.

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