Fitting an Econet Module
to an Acorn A5000.

a5000econet_1.jpg - 23Kb
Ok, lets upgrade this A5000 to Econet. Acorn took the "modular" route with upgrades on its last models,
which makes the process alot easier. So all we need is a Econet module and 2 support pillars.
No ANFS Rom is required as all the relevant software is already on-board.

a5000econet_2.jpg - 23Kb
First flip the unit on its side and unscrew and remove the six screws highlighted.

a5000econet_3.jpg - 31Kb
Put the unit back down and the top cover can now be slid off to the rear.

a5000econet_4.jpg - 43Kb
As this A5000 is unexpanded access is unrivaled. If podules are present they will have to be removed first.
So, the image shows, "yellow" are the 2 support pillar holes, and "red" are the sockets for the module.

a5000econet_5.jpg - 40Kb
First push the 2 support pillars into the mainboard. The Front aligned left to right, and rear, back to front.
This just aids, avoiding components on the mainboard and the module.

a5000econet_6.jpg - 40Kb
Now take the module and align its pins with the holes in the 2 sockets, also the 2 support pillars should be
aligned with the 2 holes in the module. When satisfied push the module downwards until the pins are fully "home"
and the support pillars latch onto the module.

a5000econet_7.jpg - 17Kb
Re-fit the top cover with its 6 screws.
The blanking sticker can now be removed from the rear of the case exposing the Econet socket.

a5000econet_8.jpg - 19Kb
Power the machine up and if the upgrade went well, a Econet icon will be present on the taskbar.
You will probably also have noted a message at startup saying the station number was incorrect so the
machine has defaulted to station 1. I will address station setting on 32bit machines at a later date.

a5000econet_9.jpg - 26Kb
From the Network icon now available in !configure it is possible to view the Fileserver and Printserver numbers.

a5000econet_10.jpg - 41Kb
Just a reference shot really of my A5000 fully powered up.

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