ViewFinder Card Modification

I have found that the ViewFinder card does not fit fully "home" into the backplane socket.
This due to the card being slighty to short.
A simple mod described below shows how to fix this problem.

VF_mod_1.jpg - 50Kb
From this image you can see that the Podule Bus connector is not fully "home" even tho
the Podule is fully secured to the rear of the case.

VF_mod_2.jpg - 34Kb
To rectify this, remove the ViewFinder Back Panel by unscrewing the two retaining screws
and fit one or possibly two small washers between the plate and the Podule.
This will have the effect of making the ViewFinder sit back further into the case.

VF_mod_3.jpg - 35Kb
This view better shows the packing washers in place.

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