8bit Misc Manuals.

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30_Hour_BASIC.jpg - 21Kb
30 Hour BASIC

32k_ramcard_man.jpg - 51Kb
Watford Electronics 32k RamCard

40_ed_games_elec.jpg - 61Kb
40 Educational Games For The electron

AcornBBC_TestBooks.jpg - 33Kb
Acorn BBC Test Proceedure Manuals

acorn_guide_elec.jpg - 34Kb
The Acorn Guide to the electron

assy_lang_prog_bbc.jpg - 33Kb
Assembly language programming for the BBC Microcomputer

basic_prog_bbc.jpg - 37Kb
BASIC programming on the BBC Microcomputer

bbcbooks.jpg - 55Kb
Various BBC Books.

BBC_Micro_and_Electron_Handbook.jpg - 31Kb
BBC Micro and electron book.

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