Acorn 6502 External

Second Processor

6502_1.jpg - 14Kb
An Acorn 6502 Second Processor. Its a bit yellowed but in need of a clean.
An essential upgrade if you want to play ELITE at its most impressive.

6502_2.jpg - 17Kb
Turn the unit over and remove the single screw indicated in the picture.

6502_3.jpg - 13Kb
Turn the unit right-side up again, then at the rear, remove the 2 screws shown.

6502_4.jpg - 20Kb
The lid can now be lifted clear. Not alot inside considering these cost 199GBP when new.

6502_5.jpg - 42Kb
The inside has the usual "dust" everywhere. Its a bad picture but I've drawn a cross, with my finger in the dust to highlight it.

6502_6.jpg - 55Kb
I have just wiped the case out and dusted the boards with a vacuum and brush.
I did not strip this unit totally as some of the wiring is a semi permanent
installation and I didnt want to disturb it.

6502_7.jpg - 14Kb
The rear of the case gets the same treatment, ie a good wipe with a damp cloth.
NO cleaning fluids as they can melt the plastic.

6502_8.jpg - 20Kb
The mains cable is wiped clean with a damp cloth. Cables can clean up real nice.
Nothing worse than a gubby white cable. To much "flash" in this picture
makes it hard to spot the dirty cable on the left and clean on the right.

6502_9.jpg - 12Kb
The top case was yellowed and in the past must have had a book resting on
top of it as there is a patch of "non-yellowing" visible. Also a paper
sticker at the front. Soak the case to help lift the label and dirt from the case.

6502_10.jpg - 16Kb
The case cleaned and wiped dry. A bad picture as its over-bright.
I must get to grips with flash photography.

6502_11.jpg - 19Kb
The unit re-assembled and ready for another 10 years work.

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