Acorn Electron Data Recorder ALF03

Stripdown and clean.

Elec_DataRec_1.jpg - 22Kb
This is the "electron styled" Data cassette recorder from Acorn. It needs a bit of a clean so lets get inside it.

Elec_DataRec_2.jpg - 66Kb
Flip the unit over and remove the 4 securing screws.
Note, one of the screws is located in the battery compartment.

Elec_DataRec_3.jpg - 66Kb
Turning the unit back over, you need to press eject to open the lid,
this then allows the top cover to be lifted up and forwards.

Elec_DataRec_4.jpg - 30Kb
To completely seperate the lid from the base,
undo and remove the single screw which secures the LED's to the top cover.

Elec_DataRec_5.jpg - 90Kb
I wont be totally stripping this unit as its in good condition but you can see by this image
that all servicable parts are easily got to, ie belts. So just a general vaccum is in order.

Elec_DataRec_6.jpg - 50Kb
The case top and bottom is cleaned with damp cloth again, and the unit re-assembled.

Elec_DataRec_7.jpg - 68Kb
As this unit is near mint, I'll show it here in its original polys with power supply "brick"
and cables neatly stowed ready to go back in its box.

Elec_DataRec_8.jpg - 73Kb
A closup of the main label on the box, note the price in the upper right hand corner.
Not exactly cheap at the time it was made.

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