Bob's Board

Some time ago I had to fit a Watford Electronics 32K Ram Card to a BBC Model-B.
This process involves the removal of the 6502 processor from the mainboard.
Into this vacant socket goes the ribbon cable to the Ram Card and the
recently removed 6502 processor fits in a vacant socket on the Ram Card.

Anyway, when I removed the 6502 processor on this particular Iss. 7 motherboard
I was somewhat surprised to see the following sight;

bob1.jpg - 45Kb

Zooming in a bit we can clearly see the words "Bob's board" in the screen print.
bob2.jpg - 27Kb

So, if anyone else has come across this before or anyone even
knows who Bob is then please let me know.

Makes you wonder how many boards ended up with this inscription before
anyone on the Quality Control spotted this unnoficial modification.

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