Acorn electron

Plus 1 Expansion Unit.

plus1_1.jpg - 13Kb
An Acorn Plus1 expansion unit for the Acorn Electron.
This view shows edge connector for attatching to the rear of the electron.
And the 2 top ROM cartridge slots.

plus1_2.jpg - 12Kb
A rear view if the unit here shows the analogue/joystick port and far-right a printer port.

plus1_3.jpg - 18Kb
To get inside the unit, turn it upside-down and remove the 3 screws highlighted in the picture.
Grip both halves and turn the unit up he right way again.

plus1_4.jpg - 24Kb
The top cover can now be lifted up and away, revealing the inner workings.

plus1_5.jpg - 25Kb
Lift the ROM cartridge bay clear then unscrew and remove the 4 screws that are situated
either end of the ROM cartridge connectors.

plus1_6.jpg - 26Kb
The main PCB can now be lifted clear. Also pull out the 2 large securing screws
at the from of the case, they are held in place by the 2 rubber washers.

plus1_7.jpg - 13Kb
Wipe the inside and outside of the base with a clean damp cloth.
Its all it will need to remove any built up dust.

plus1_8.jpg - 17Kb
Do the same with the ROM cartridge seats.

plus1_9.jpg - 10Kb
And likewise with the top case. If dirt is hard to wipe from the top, wring the damp cloth out
onto the case and let the water stand for 5 minutes, that will ease the dust and grime free.

plus1_10.jpg - 32Kb
Dust the mainboard using a paintbrush and a vacuum hose, thats all it will need.

plus1_11.jpg - 19Kb
All the components cleaned and laid out ready for re-assembly.

plus1_12.jpg - 23Kb
First re-fit the PCB to the case and secure with the 4 screws around the ROM cartridge slots.
Place the ROM Cartridge seat back over the top of the slots. Push the securing bolts back into
place with there rubber washers. Then finally replace the top cover and re-secure with 3 screws.

plus1_13.jpg - 8Kb
The finnished Plus1 unit ready for re-attatching to an electron.

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