ANF03 Tape Deck Variants

anf03_tape_deck.jpg - 20Kb

This image shows the Acorn ANF03 Tape deck for the BBC Micro / electron.
It is branded on the top panel 'Acorn Computer' though I am sure that I
have seen some with BBC Microcomputer on the label panel.

dix-tr30-tapedeck.jpg - 20Kb

This image is the tape deck that I used for many years. Note that it is branded 'Dixons TR30'
The case is identical, but where the Acorn Computer branding was on the previous unit
there is a microphone. Also the Acorn unit used a DIN socket for connecting to the computer.
This model used 2 x 3.5mm and 1 x 2.5mm Jack sockets as it was originally intended for home
general use, not computers. Though it could have been as a lot of other computers used
3.5mm Jack sockets for their connection. I bought this as it was cheaper than the ANF03
despite being an identical unit inside, except for the output connections.
It was the most reliable tape deck that I ever used during my early computer days.

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