BBC Master Compact


2 Mhz 65C12
64Kb Main
64 Kb Sideways RAM, four 16 Kb pages
EEPROM retains user's start-up configuration during power-off
User RAM is not affected by filing system workspace
Character set (ASCII 32-255) can be re-defined with no loss of user RAM
32 Kb Operating System
16 Kb BBC BASIC Version 4 (1986)
16 Kb ADFS, Advanced Disc Filing System
Internal ROM Sockets
1x32 Kb Capacity
3x16 Kb Capacity
Disc Interface
Shuggart standard, supports;

MFM, double data density
FM, single data density (with optional software)
12ms step-rate for faster drives
25-way D-type connector

Network Interface (Optional)
16 Kb ANFS ROM (Advanced Network Filing System)
Parallel Port Interface
8-bit Centronics compatible
24-way Delta ribbon connector
Serial Interface (Optional)
RS232, 75-9600 baud software selectable
Independant Rx/Tx baud rate selection
5-pin DIN socket
Expansion Port
50-way Edge connector
Modes : 8 standard modes + 8 "Shadow" Modes

Mode 0, 2 colour, 80x32 text, 640x256 graphics
Mode 1, 4 colour, 40x32 text, 320x256 graphics
Mode 2, 8 colour, 20x32 text, 160x256 graphics
Mode 3, 2 colour, 80x25 text only
Mode 4, 2 colour, 40x32 text, 320x256 graphics
Mode 5, 4 colour, 20x32 text, 160x256 graphics
Mode 6, 2 colour, 40x25 text only
Mode 7, 8 colour, 40x24 "Teletext" text and graphics

8 Shadow Modes provide the same displays without
affecting user memory.

Graphics commands extend colour range by colour mixing

Display Outputs
Phono socket
Composite video 1V peak to peak

6-pin DIN socket
RGB TTL level, selectable +ve or -ve sync.
TV modulator (optional-plugs into RGB socket)
UHF channel 36, full colour

4 channels, full software control
Internal 16 ohm speaker, 40mm diameter
Joystick/Mouse Port
9-pin D-type connector
Suitable for Atari-compatible digital joystick;
various modes of operation supported by
operating system software

Almost any mouse with suitable connection can be used.

64-key QWERTY keyboard with 2 key rollover and auto repeat
10 Function keys
19-key numeric pad
Screwdriver-operated BREAK key lock
Direct keyboard access to ASCII 128 to 255 possible
Power Input
5 V DC - provided from disc drive/monitor stand
Width: 426mm
Depth: 219mm
Height: 75mm
Disc Drive/Monitor Stand

Disc Drive
Single 3.5" MFM drive
Second drive available as dealer-fitted option
Formatted capacity: 640 Kb per disc

Power Input
230 + - 15% V AC (50 hz)
IEC320 mains inlet socket complete with appropriate mains lead

Power Consumption
150 watts (maximum), including monitor, computer and disc unit

Width: 351mm
Depth: 333mm
Height: 95mm

Information Source : Acorn Master Compact Brochure.

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