Master 128, Turbo, ET, 512

and Scientific Specifications

Master 128

2 Mhz 65C12
128 Kb
Mega ROM which contains;
Machine Operating System ver 3.2
Internal ROM Sockets
3 spare
Only 1 can be used. For each of the others used, a
bank of sideways RAM is sacrificed, ie 32K swr
ROM Cartridge Slots
Standard Acorn cartridges as used in Electron Plus 1
Disc Interface
Network Interface (Optional)
16 Kb ANFS ROM (Advanced Network Filing System)
Serial Interface
RS423 5-pin DIN
Modes : 8 standard modes + 8 "Shadow" Modes

Mode 0, 2 colour, 80x32 text, 640x256 graphics
Mode 1, 4 colour, 40x32 text, 320x256 graphics
Mode 2, 8 colour, 20x32 text, 160x256 graphics
Mode 3, 2 colour, 80x25 text only
Mode 4, 2 colour, 40x32 text, 320x256 graphics
Mode 5, 4 colour, 20x32 text, 160x256 graphics
Mode 6, 2 colour, 40x25 text only
Mode 7, 8 colour, 40x24 "Teletext" text and graphics

8 Shadow Modes provide the same displays without
affecting user memory.

Graphics commands extend colour range by colour mixing

Display Outputs
Composite video
4 channels, full software control
Internal 16 ohm speaker, 40mm diameter
Full stroke 93 key with numeric keypad with 10 Function keys.

Master "Turbo"

Specification as above but with the addition of an "internal" 65C102 4Mhz,
64k Co-Processor.

Master "ET" (Econet Terminal)

I have no details of this machine yet, but pictures of the interior show a
"cut-down" specification. ie. no UHF modulator, Serial, Analogue,Cassette
port, no disc drive/Tube/1Mhz bus/user port. Only a Printer port on the
underside. Also no Battery backed CMOS and fewer ROM sockets.

Master 512

The Master 512 has Identical specification to the standard Master 128
but with the addition of an "internal" 512k IBM 80186 Co-Processor.
This board runs DR-DOS ver 2.1 and comes supplied with the GEM
suite of programs by Digital Research.

Master Scientific

It is debateable as to whether this machine was "actually" released.
It is present in Acorn advertising at the time but whether the Co-Processor
was actually an "internal" version I cannot say. The External Scientific
was housed in a BBC Micro Co-Processor case, like the 6502.
It contained a 32016 Processor with upto 1Mb of RAM and ran the
PANOS operating system. It was mainly an academic tool.

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