8bit Misc Pictures.

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1megup.jpg - 21Kb
GRX 1 Meg Upgrade

512-1.jpg - 51Kb
Acorn 80186 Co-Processor with 1MB Essential Software Expansion.
I had one of these and it made an excellent RAM disc whilst using
Watford Electronics Wapping Editor Desk Top Publishing Software.

6502_2meg.jpg - 61Kb
6502 TWO MEG Board

6502 boxed.jpg - 33Kb
Acorn 6502 Second Processor and Retail Box

6502co-proext2.jpg - 34Kb
A closeup view of the Acorn 6502 Co-Processor PCB

6502int.jpg - 33Kb
The Internal Acorn 65C102 Co-Processor for the BBC Master 128

32016-1.jpg - 37Kb
The rare Acorn 32016 Co-Processor which ran PANOS as an operating system

32016-2 - 55Kb
A closer look at the 32016 processor board.

80186_in_box.jpg - 21Kb
A 512KB Acorn 80186 Co-Processor inside an Acorn Co-Processor Adaptor ( Cheese Wedge )

acorn6809pcb.jpg - 21Kb
Acorn 6809 Processor Board. I believe this ran the FLEX operating system.

Acorn_80186_Essential_1Mb.jpg - 51Kb
This was my 1Mb 80186 Co-Processor inside a Watford Electronics Co-Pro Adaptor

Acorn_bitstick_1.jpg - 61Kb
The Acorn BitStik Joystick/Controller

Acorn_bitstick_2.jpg - 33Kb
Acorn Bitstik boxed with manuals and software.

Acorn_Cassette_Recorder2.jpg - 34Kb
The Acorn ANF03 Data Cassette Recorder

Acorn_Cassette_Recorder_front_label.jpg - 21Kb
A closeup of the ANF03 Front Label. Some models were branded BBC

Acorn_Cassette_Recorder_rear_label.jpg - 51Kb
The Rear Data label showing model number and voltage requirements.

Acorn Data Recorder.jpg - 61Kb
Acorn Data Recorder For The electron. Styled in the electron case design.

Acorn Econet Real Time Clock.jpg - 33Kb
Acorn Econet Level 3 File Server Real Time Clock

Acorn Econet x25 Gateway.jpg - 34Kb
Acorn Econet x25 Gateway

Acorn_JP101_printer_1.jpg - 33Kb
Acorn JP101 Printer ( Probably a Olivetti underneath )

Acorn_JP101_printer_2.jpg - 37Kb
A closer look at the branding on this printer.

Acorn Winchester Disk.jpg - 55Kb
Acorn Winchester Disc 10 Mb

Acorn_winchester_drive.jpg - 31Kb
Another example of an Acorn Winchester Disc 10 Mb

airesb32.jpg - 21Kb
32K RAM expansion Card for the BBC-B ( Shadow + Sideways RAM )

ARM 1 development board 1.jpg - 61Kb
ARM 1 Development system. ( 4mb RAM and used to develop the ARM processors )

ARM 1 development board 2.jpg - 33Kb
A closeup view of the boards ROM

ARM 1 development board 3.jpg - 34Kb
A closup view of the ARM 1 processor

ARM 1 development board 4.jpg - 33Kb
A view of the ARM Development system case.

ARM 1 development board 5.jpg - 37Kb
Boot screen and output from a *HELP command

atpl.jpg - 55Kb
ATPL ROM Board for the BBC Model-B

atpl_box.jpg - 31Kb

atpl_in_box.jpg - 51Kb
ATPL SIDEWISE box contents.

Atpl ROM board.jpg - 61Kb
A different ATPL ROM board

ATPL ROMRAM board.jpg - 33Kb
Another view of an ATPL ROM/RAM board

atplside.jpg - 34Kb
Another view of an ATPL ROM/RAM board, unpopulated and no battery backed RAM

atxt.jpg - 33Kb
Advanced Teletext Receiver

bbc_100k_drive.jpg - 37Kb
BBC 100K Disc Drive ( 40 track single sided )

BBC 40T Single Drive.jpg - 55Kb
BBC 100K Disc Drive ( 40 track single sided )

bbcbits.jpg - 31Kb
Various BBC Hardware. ( Joysticks, Light Pens and a AMX Mouse )

bbc_buggy_1.jpg - 31Kb
The BBC Buggy. A LOGO controlled Buggy. We had one at our school in the late 80's

bbc_buggy_2.jpg - 21Kb
Another view of the buggy and associated components.

BBC Buggy.jpg - 51Kb
Yet another view of the buggy.

BBC B+ with Zif.jpg - 51Kb
A BBC Model-B fitted with a ZIF socket for quick changes of ROM's

BBC_Connect121_CNC_Lathe.jpg - 61Kb
A Conect 121 CNC Lathe controlled by a BBC MOdel-B

BBC Disk Drive Original Box.jpg - 33Kb
A retail box for a Cumana Floppy Disk Drive.

BBC_econet_module.jpg - 34Kb
I believe this to be an adaptor board for using a Master 128 Econet Module in a BBC-B

BBC IEEE 488 Interface Back.jpg - 33Kb
The rear of an Acorn IEEE 488 Adaptor unit.

BBC IEEE 488 Interface Top.jpg - 37Kb
The Acorn IEEE 488 Adaptor in the standard Acorn 'Cheese Wedge' case. A very versatile design.

BBC_IEEE.jpg - 55Kb
A BBC Model B with a third party IEEE Adaptor..

BBC in Viglin Case.jpg - 31Kb
A BBC Micro in a Viglin 'PC Style' case. Basically a new top that incorporated dual floppy drives,
and a seperate keyboard unit. Well it let you sit a bit further back from the CRT monitor.

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