Misc. Acorn Atom Pictures

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acorn atom.jpg - 20Kb
A clean example of an Acorn Atom

Acorn_Atom_setup.jpg - 20Kb
Another Atom with 'Atomic Theory And Practice' ie the User/Programming Manual.

Acorn Atom with Extras.jpg - 19Kb
Atom with associated literature and components

atom_and-orig-psu.jpg - 27Kb
Atom with original Power Supply Unit

atom_and_pack.jpg - 37Kb
Atom with optional Disc Pack.

atombox.jpg - 70Kb
Atom wih original Box

atom_connect.jpg - 43Kb
Original Disc Pack

atom_disc_pack_inside.jpg - 19Kb
Disc Pack - Interior

atom_disc_pack_rear.jpg - 34Kb
Disc Pack - Rear View

atomdisk_info.jpg - 33Kb
Atom Disc Pack - Information Leaflet

atomeconet1.jpg - 52Kb
Atom with Internal Econet Interface Board.

atomeconet2.jpg - 52Kb
Atom Econet - Screenshot.

atomin2.jpg - 52Kb
Atom Internal View.

Atomin.jpg - 52Kb
Another Atom Interior View

atom-inside_bbc_basic_card.jpg - 52Kb
Atom with Internal BBC Basic Card

Atom_Manual_PSU.jpg - 52Kb
Another View of an Atom with PSU and Manuals.

atom-manuals-1.jpg - 52Kb
Atom manuals.

Atom Motherboard.jpg - 52Kb
Atom with Internal modifications.

atom_pack_inside.jpg - 52Kb
Another view of the inside of the Disc Pack.

atom-rear.jpg - 52Kb
Rear View of an Atom.

Atom with box and manuals.jpg - 52Kb
Atom with manuals and Box

atomzx2.jpg - 52Kb
Atom interior closeup.

Image052.jpg - 52Kb
Atom Box.

Image053.jpg - 52Kb
Acorn Atom

Image054.jpg - 52Kb
Atom logo closeup.

Image055.jpg - 52Kb
Atom top view.

Image056.jpg - 52Kb
Atom rear view.

Image057.jpg - 52Kb
Atom rear view.

Image058.jpg - 52Kb
Atom rear view.

Image059.jpg - 52Kb
Atom polystyrene packaging.

Image060.jpg - 52Kb
Atomic Theory And Practice manual.

Image061.jpg - 52Kb
Atom leaflets and Circuit Diagram.

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