Misc. BBC Model-A Pictures

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bbc_model_a_inside.jpg - 20Kb
Inside a BBC Model-A with Econet upgrade.

bbc_model_a_rear.jpg - 20Kb
Rear view of a basic BBC Model-A. Note the BBC Branded Power Supply.

bbc_model_a_underside.jpg - 19Kb
The underside of a totally basic and un-expanded Model-A

Model-A_PCB.jpg - 27Kb
Another view of an original un-expanded Model-A motherboard.

Model-A_rear.jpg - 37Kb
Rear view again with no extra ports added, just UHF and BNC Composite output.

Model-A_underneath.jpg - 70Kb
Another underside view, with no expansion connectors or PSU Aux output.

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