Misc. BBC Model-B Pictures

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bbc_b_6502.jpg - 20Kb
A clean example of a BBC-B with 6502 Co-Processor and Dual Drives

BBC B boxed.jpg - 20Kb
BBC Micro with Poly insert, Box and Manual.

bbcbox.jpg - 19Kb
BBC Micro and box contents.

BBC iss1b2.jpg - 27Kb
A USA Spec BBC Micro Computer I believe.

BBC iss1 underneath.jpg - 37Kb
Underneath View of the machine with extra earthing plates / shielding.

BBC iss2.jpg - 70Kb
A BBC Micro with Issue 2 Motherboard.

BBC iss3.jpg - 43Kb
A BBC Micro with Issue 3 Motherboard.

BBC iss4.jpg - 19Kb
A BBC Micro with Issue 4 Motherboard.

BBC iss7.jpg - 34Kb
A BBC Micro with Issue 7 Motherboard.

BBC with Tape and Joystick.jpg - 33Kb
BBC-B with Tape Recorder and Joystick.

Beeb box and polys.jpg - 52Kb
BBC Micro Computer with original Box

Beeb in Box.jpg - 52Kb
Nice clean BBC-B in polystyrene box.

hqbbc.jpg - 52Kb
A very clean example of a BBC Model-B Micro Computer.

iss2back.jpg - 52Kb
An easy way to spot an early BBC Micro, the oval Analogue port aperture.

bbc-1.jpg - 43Kb
This was a very nice condition Issue 7 BBC Model-B that I once owned.
It was an unexpanded, Tape Filing System only machine and had all of
its original documentation. The polystyrene case was a little broken
but overall a very nice example of a BBC Microcomputer.

bbc-2.jpg - 19Kb
This is a brochure pack that came with the machine advertising hardware
and software that could be purchased to enhance your new BBC Micro.

bbc-3.jpg - 34Kb
A very clean machine as I previously said. A true collectors Item.

bbc-4.jpg - 33Kb
To be honest I never really liked the keyboard on this example. It had
smaller keytops and the action was a little sticky. I preferred the earlier
versions that were more natural and with a better key action.

bbc-5.jpg - 52Kb
A good top down view of the machine showing its great condition.

bbc-6.jpg - 52Kb
The rear panel again in great condition with Econet cut-out still in place.

bbc-7.jpg - 52Kb
The underside of the machine, clean and compete with no connector tabs missing.

bbc-8.jpg - 52Kb
A view inside looking factory fresh. A truely wonderful machine that was raw
in that you had to get used to Cassette Tape loading all over again.
But enjoyable all the same. This machine went to a very good new home.

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