Misc. BBC Model-B Modification Pictures

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BBC B in viglin case external.jpg - 20Kb
A BBC-B housed in a Viglin Case, providing dual floppy drives and a seperate 'PC Style' keyboard.
Also with provision to support a monitor and a aperture for ZIF ROM cartridges.

BBC b in viglin case Internal.jpg - 20Kb
A look inside the Viglin case. It basically replaces the BBC's lid and screws straight on.

BBC-b plus Teletext Adaptor.jpg - 19Kb
A BBC-B+ with Teletext Adaptor, Floppy Drive and Acorn Data Cassette Recorder.

BBC-B sidways ROM board.jpg - 27Kb
A BBC Model-B with a Sideways ROM board fitted.

BBC Misc case External.jpg - 37Kb
A BBC-B with an unidentified 'PS Style' Case. Possibly Viglin

BBC Misc case internal.jpg - 70Kb
An inside view of the above case.

BBC_Modded_1.jpg - 43Kb
A BBC-B housed inside an Apple II case.

BBC_Modded_2.jpg - 19Kb
A BBC-B housed inside an Apple II case.

BBC_Modded_3.jpg - 34Kb
A BBC-B housed inside an Apple II case.

BBC_Modded_4.jpg - 33Kb
A look at the keyboard within the case.

BBC_Modded_5.jpg - 52Kb
A view of the motherboard within the case, noting the apple keyboard wiring.

BBC_Modded_6.jpg - 52Kb
A closeup of the motherboard that shows it is Issue 3.

BBC_Modded_7.jpg - 20Kb
A view of the machine with ELITE running.

BBC + Prestel Adaptor.jpg - 20Kb
A BBC Micro with Acorn Prestel Adaptor.

bbc_vig_1.jpg - 19Kb
Another Viglin cased BBC-B. This time in a very sun yellowed case.

bbc_vig_2.jpg - 27Kb
A look inside the Viglin case with some un-orthadox wiring!

bbc_vig_3.jpg - 37Kb
Another view inside the case showing ROM board and other wiring mods.

Bradford1.jpg - 70Kb
A BBC-B running some external equipment.

hawkinsBBC-B.jpg - 43Kb
A BBC-B with side ZIF socket on the Speech ROM aperture.

hawkinsInside.jpg - 19Kb
A look inside this machine. It has several modifications. ROM board and extra switches
on the side that I do not know the function of.

hawkinsRAM.jpg - 34Kb
It also appears to have a Watford Electronics 32k RAM card stuck to the underside of the lid.

ltmBack.jpg - 33Kb
A rear view of the LTM portable that was basically a BBC-B inside a ruggedised case.

ltmBase.jpg - 52Kb
A view from the rear, inside the LTM case.

ltmBlower.jpg - 52Kb
Another view inside that also shows a cooling fan for the CRT circuitry.

ltmBoard.jpg - 20Kb
A view of the BBC mainboard within the case. With expansion ports being connected
to the externally mounted ports by ribbon cables.

ltmFront.jpg - 20Kb
A front view of the LTM Portable.

ltmMicronScreen.jpg - 19Kb
Another view of the front of the LTM Portable machine.

ltmPortable.jpg - 27Kb
A view of the LTM closed up for transportation. Would like to know the weight of this setup.

ltmScreen.jpg - 37Kb
A view of the boot screen of the LTM after issuing a *ROMS command.

ltmTop.jpg - 70Kb
A view from the top down showing the motherboard placement.

tvhbbc1.jpg - 43Kb
This is a BBC Model-B inside an IBM PC case.

tvhbbc2.jpg - 19Kb
Another view showing the mainboard in situ.

tvhbbc3.jpg - 34Kb
A view of the BBC keyboard hacked into the PC keyboard surround.

tvhbbc4.jpg - 33Kb
A front view of the main case. It does look rather 80's retro.

tvhbbc6.jpg - 52Kb
A view of the rear ports on this modded machine.

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