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Acorn_ALF03_elecdatarecorder.jpg - 21Kb
Acorn ALF03 Electron Data recorder. ( Well designed and good looking piece of kit ).

Acorn_electron_merlin.jpg - 51Kb
Acorn electron 'Merlin'. An electron linked to a communications pack.
These I believe were used in retail shops, I believe InterFlora used them.
Early form of computers communicating orders via a telephone line.

acornps3.jpg - 61Kb
An Acorn electron Plus 3 expansion providing a single sided 3.5" floppy drive and ADFS.

ACP_ROM_cartridge.jpg - 33Kb
Advanced Computer Products - Advanced ROM MK II Adaptor, so basically a ROM cartridge.

Advanced_Plus32.jpg - 34Kb
Advanced Plus 3 - A Disc interface that fitted into one of the slots of a Plus 1
This was the next best thing after Acorn discontinued the Plus 3.

Advanced_Plus3_2.jpg - 33Kb
A closer view of the rear of the Advanced Plus 3

Boxed Electron1.jpg - 37Kb
A view of an electron boxed. NOTE: The user manual is missing, it has been replaced with
an acornsoft game package. So it looks nice but not original for the collector.

Boxed Electron2.jpg - 55Kb
Another electron with the ALF03 Data Cassette Recorder.

Complete Electron Setup.jpg - 21Kb
A fully expanded electron with Plus 3 and Plus 1 Expansions fitted.
The Plus 2 which never materialised was rumored to be an Econet expansion.

elec_2nd_processor.jpg - 21Kb
PMS 6502 Second Processor for the electron ( fitting into a Plus 1 ROM Cartridge socket ).

elec_ap3.jpg - 51Kb
An internal view of the Advanced plus 3 unit. You could add ROM's as well so it was common
to have DFS and ADFS and maybe a T2P3 which allowed "copying" of Tape software to Disc.

ElecBottom.jpg - 61Kb
The underside view of an electron, Plus 3 and Plus 1 expansion units.
NOTE: the Plus 3 has an expansion connector. This was a Shuggart for connecting
an external 5.25" drive to help with DFS and 5.25" Floppy compatibility.

elecbox.jpg - 33Kb
A retail box for the Acorn electron. There are two designs for the box graphics.

ElecFront.jpg - 34Kb
Another view of a fully expanded electron.

elec_mb_iss2.jpg - 21Kb
A electron Issue 2 motherboard. The ULA socket was problematic and was replaced with
the chip directly soldered to the motherboard which gave perfect reliability.

elec_pcb_corrosion.jpg - 51Kb
This was some corrosion I found on one of my electrons. Could not tell if it was from a
leaking component or some external source. The board still functioned perfectly though.

elec_pcb_corrosion_side.jpg - 61Kb
Another view of the corrosion. I did suspect the capacitor to the left but I am not convinced.

elecplus3plus1a.jpg - 33Kb
A nice view of an electron, Plus 3 and Plus 1 expansion with covers removed.

elec_plus1_retail.jpg - 34Kb
A electron Plus 1 retail Box. Mine was bought direct and never had the fancy outer sleeve.

elec_plus3_plus1_boxed1.jpg - 33Kb
More retail boxes of an electron package. All in great condition.

elec-plus-3.jpg - 37Kb
Another view of a Electron Plus 3 expansion.

Elec_pres_disk_int.jpg - 55Kb
A nice electron, Plus 1 and Advanced Plus 3 setup with 3.5" Floppy drive.

ElecProfile.jpg - 31Kb
Another example of an Acorn electron fully fitted out, but this time an electron Turbo.
This is noted by the switch on the side of the case which switched between standard and Turbo.

Elec_rombox.jpg - 21Kb
An electron Plus 1 'clone' in the form of a ROMBOX. It had sockets instead of slots.

elec_rombox_plus.jpg - 61Kb
The ROMBOX Plus had a balance of ROM sockets and conventional slots for cartridges.

elec_second_processor.jpg - 33Kb
Another example of a PMS Second Processor for the electron.

electron2_1704.jpg - 34Kb
A good clean electron.

electron3_1704.jpg - 33Kb
A view of the acorn data recorder for the electron / BBC

Electron and Plus1.jpg - 37Kb
Another view of an electron and Plus 1 expansion unit.

Electron box1.jpg - 55Kb
A different version of the Retail Box graphics.

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