Misc. BBC Master 128 Pictures

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3 M128's.jpg - 20Kb
Three examples of Acorn BBC Master 128 Micro Computers

BBCMaster128in.jpg - 20Kb
An inside view of the Master 128.

BBCMaster512in.jpg - 19Kb
An inside view of a Master 128 with internal Acorn 80186 512K IBM Co-Processor.

BBC Master 128.jpg - 27Kb
A clean Master 128. They were wider than the BBC Model-B due to the numeric keypad.

A Master 128 Motherboard - Issue 1.

bbc_mastersetup.jpg - 70Kb
A Master 128 with Dual Disc Drives and manuals.

beebmastersetup.jpg - 43Kb
Another Master 128 setup with a small monitor, printer and disc drive.

closeup_viglin_m128.jpg - 19Kb
The Viglin case for the Master 128 was similar to the one for the BBC Model-B
It provided integrated Dual Disc drives, allowed a monitor to be placed on top of the unit.
And was supported with a seperate keyboard unit to give more flexibility in desk space.
the only design flaw was that the Cartridge slots were buried deep in the assembly.

inside_viglin_m128.jpg - 34Kb
An internal view of the Viglin case when applied to the Master 128.

M128TurboandAAboard.jpg - 33Kb
This was a view inside my personal Master 128 with internal 65C102 Co-Processor and
Morley Electronics Master 'AA' ROM Expansion Board.

M512_board.jpg - 52Kb
An Acorn 80186 512K Co-Processor with "IBM-PC compatability".
The mouse in the background is an AMX mouse and not an Acorn original for the unit.

master512_angle.jpg - 52Kb
Another view of a Master 512 board fitted within a Master 128.

master512_top.jpg - 52Kb
A top-down view of a Master 512.

Master512 Board.jpg - 52Kb
A closer view of the master 512 Co-Processor.

Master512 with Drives.jpg - 52Kb
A BBC Master with Dual Floppy Drives in a monitor plinth.

Master 65C102 co-pro board.jpg - 52Kb
A closeup view of the Master 65C102 'Turbo' Co-Processor.
This was the successor to the external 6502 Co-Processor.

mastercartinside.jpg - 52Kb
A ROM cartridge for the Maser 128/electron. Made by Acorn but without external case.

Master_ET_1.jpg - 52Kb
A rare Master ET. This was basically a stripped down Master 128 with no onboard RTC.
This machine was designed to be more of a terminal and run on an Econet network.

Master_ET_2.jpg - 52Kb
A rear view of the Master ET ( Master Econet Terminal ).

Master_ET_3.jpg - 52Kb
Underside of the Master ET showing stripped down expansion capability.

Master in Viglin Case.jpg - 52Kb
Another view of a Master 128 in a Viglin two piece case.

Master with Drives and Monitor.jpg - 52Kb
Another Master 128 with Dual Drive Monitor plinth and CUB Monitor.

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