BBC Master Compact.

The table that follows shows what items should be

present with a BBC Master Compact.


To be confirmed


DISC Containing;
VIEW series 3 word processor
VIEW printer drivers for Epson and other popular printers
ABC word processing for beginners
Logotron LOGO
Timpaint graphics painting program

Welcome Suite
Card index
Note pad
Adventure game
Arcade game
Five demonstration graphics programs
Four tutorials and demonstrations covering ADFS, keyboard skills, screen modes and text facilities

Welcome Utilities
Pull-down menu start-up system
Control panel for setting restart parameters
Character redefinition
Sound generation
Pattern editor
Foreground/Background colour selection
Alternative character fonts

Additional ADFS Utilities
Catalogue directory
Examine directory
Copy directory
Copy file between filing systems
BAS128 - BBC BASIC for sideways RAM use, 64k free RAM

In Firmware
Operating system
BBC BASIC version 4 (1986)
ADFS including Format, Verify and Backup utilities

Welcome Guide, providing an introduction to the Master Compact's facilities and applications
VIEW reference card
VIEW and ABC function key strips
Logotron LOGO user guide

Seperately Available
Reference Guides 1 and 2
VIEW guide
Advanced Reference Guide

Information Source : Master Compact Brochure (Acorn)

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