Acorn Electron.

Below are listed items that should be present

with a "retail" boxed Electron Computer.

elec_oem_1.jpg - 42Kb
This is the outer sleeve. I am aware of two different designs at the present.
Another noteworthy mention is that the User guide cover varies depending on which outer sleeve you have.

elec_oem_2.jpg - 28Kb
Removing the sleeve reveals the main box.
This is how you would recieve an Electron bought straight from the manufacturer.

elec_oem_3.jpg - 30Kb
Pulling out the Poly insert and taking the lid off reveals a full setup.

elec_oem_4.jpg - 38Kb
You should have, Outer Sleeve, Inner box, Poly box, Electron computer with plastic protection strip
over rear edge connector, Power Supply, RF Lead, User Guide, Introductory Cassette.
A Software guide leaflet, and a Start Programming With the Electron book.

elecguide.jpg - 83Kb
Acorn Electron User Guide.

elecintro.jpg - 66Kb
Acorn Electron Introductory Cassette.

elecsoft.jpg - 99Kb
Acornsoft Software Brochure.

startprogelec.jpg - 91Kb
Start Programming With The Electron book by Masoud Yazdani.

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