BBC Master Series Microcomputer.

Below are listed items that should be present with a

BBC Master Series Micro Computer.

m128_oem_1.jpg - 32Kb
BBC Master 128 outer box. The lid folds flat for shipping or opens out as a carry handle as shown.

m128_oem_2.jpg - 29Kb
Sliding the main poly's out reveals the top-tray which holds all the manuals and leads.

m128_oem_3.jpg - 42Kb
Lifting off the top-tray reveals the Master in its original dust bag.

m128_oem_4.jpg - 31Kb
With all the components out of the box, you should have, Outer box, Inner poly's (3),
Plastic bag for computer, Master 128, User Guide, Keystrip, View Guide, Viewsheet Guide,
Welcome Tape, Welcome Disc, Guarantee Card and RF Lead.
As this is my personal Master 128 it also includes the 65C102 Co-processor Guide and
disc as it is a Master Turbo, Also a MOS Upgrade guide as it has the V3.5 MOS Fitted.

m128_oem_5.jpg - 29Kb
A closer view of what you should have.

welcome.jpg - 46Kb
Master 128 Welcome Guide

welc_tape.jpg - 35Kb
Master 128 Welcome Tape

welc_disc.jpg - 27Kb
Master 128 Welcome and Utilities Disc

kstrip_1.jpg - 108Kb kstrip_2.jpg - 102Kb
Function Keystrip. Only 1 keystrip is provided but its double sided, hence the 2 images.

view_ref.jpg - 59Kb
VIEW wordprocessor reference guide.

vsheet_ref.jpg - 61Kb
VIEWSHEET spreadsheet reference guide.

guarantee.jpg - 69Kb
My Original Guarantee Card. January 1991 !!!!

65c102guide.jpg - 63Kb
65C102 Turbo Co-Processor User guide.

65c102_disc.jpg - 25Kb
65C102 Co-Processor Utilities Disc.

m128sysrom.jpg - 30Kb
Master 128 Optional System Rom User Guide.

m128_mos.jpg - 20Kb
This is the original packaging for the Optional System ROM.

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