Master 128 Econet Module Fitting.

This page describes the fitting and configuration of an

Acorn Econet module and ANFS ROM to a BBC Master 128.

M128Econet_1.jpg - 65Kb
For this operation you will need a BBC Master 128, An Acorn Econet Module and a Acorn ANFS ROM.

M128Econet_2.jpg - 35Kb
A closeup view of the Econet Module and ANFS ROM. The module is also compatible with A3000, A5000
and other Archimedes Computers. Tho the ANFS ROM is only required with 8bit machines.

M128Econet_3.jpg - 36Kb
Remove the top cover of the Master by removing the 4 screws marked "fix" on the base.

M128Econet_4.jpg - 116Kb
The Econet module will be fitted to the "North-East" corner of the Mainboard.
Note the 2 strip connectors on the mainboard.

M128Econet_5.jpg - 70Kb
Carefully align both sets of pins on module and mainboard and gently press home.

M128Econet_6.jpg - 77Kb
Next fit the ANFS ROM in the socket marked IC27. If you use any of the other 2 sockets you will have to move a jumper to the left of it and loose a bank of sideways RAM.

M128Econet_7.jpg - 24Kb
Re-assemble the computer and switch on. You will be presented with a screen shown here.
At least the upgrade has been recognised.

M128Econet_8.jpg - 41Kb
Now we have to configure the Station.

M128Econet_9.jpg - 47Kb
There are several utilities available on the net for this job.
They can be found on Econet Utilities discs.
The version I have here does many other jobs. So select option E

M128Econet_10.jpg - 29Kb
Now following the prompts on screen enter a station number in the range specified on-screen.
I have chosen 1 and presssed RETURN.

M128Econet_11.jpg - 27Kb
On resetting the computer you should see the following.
The NO CLOCK message is still there as I am not connected to an econet system at the time of writing.

M128Econet_12.jpg - 30Kb
A *STATUS lets us check that the file and print server have been specified, FS and PS respectively.

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