Acornsoft Applications Titles for the

BBC Microcomputer and Electron

dbase_b_disc.jpg - 29Kb
Database for the BBC Microcomputer.

Database is an easy-to-use database system which displays records in filing-card format.
The capacity of Database is limited only by the capacity of the disc and allows for 240
characters per field and 32 fields per record.

Alphabetical or numerical sorting can be performed on up to 32 fields and a comprehensive search
facility is provided which allows an arbitrary number of fields to be searched either numerically
or alphabetically. The facility to search the subset is also included. The program caters for
statistical analysis in that the mean and standard deviation of any numerical fields can be obtained.

The program includes a utility which allows you to change the format of records after data has been entered.
Data can also be converted to VIEW format, edited using the VIEW word processor and printed out from VIEW.

Included in this package is a booklet which takes you step-by-step through the facilities provided.

deskdiary_e_tape.jpg - 63Kb

An Address Book and Planner on cassette for the Acorn Electron.

This pack consists of two programs on cassette plus an instruction booklet for Desk Diary on the Acorn Electron.
At home it's a personal secretary, or in the office it will serve as a central filing system which can cope
with all office appointments, and file customer records or mailing lists of several hundred names.

The Address Book allows you to build up a file of several hundred names, addresses, and telephone numbers which
can be retrieved by name, or by matching with other information specified in the entry.
All or selected entries can be printed.

The Planner works just like a written diary but with a real-time alarm and many automatic features.
There is space for 300 entries, which may be of three kinds: appointments at a specified time of day; regular events,
such as birthdays and bill payments which automatically get carried forward; and exclusive entries, for trips and
holidays, which prevent appointments from being made over a specified period.

Options are selected from menus with single key entries, or you are prompted for information - Desk Diary can be
used by almost anyone, providing really foolproof efficiency at home or in the office.

view_e_rom.jpg - 48Kb
A word processor on ROM Cartridge for the Acorn Electron.

The VIEW package consists of a ROM Cartridge, the VIEW function card, and a comprehensive teaching manual.

VIEW offers all the facilities of a professional word processor. Important features include the choice between
40 or 80 column modes, insert or overtype editing modes, the flexible search and replace commands, macros,
automatic page numbering, and global or selective formatting.

VIEW has been designed for the convenience of businesses and individuals alike. VIEW is a straighforward and
easy to use; no prior knowledge of word processing is necessary.

viewsheet_e_rom.jpg - 46Kb
A computer-based spreadsheet on ROM Cartridge for the Acorn Electron.

The ViewSheet package consists of a ROM Cartridge, the ViewSheet function card, and a comprehensive teaching manual.

ViewSheet, designed for both the beginner and the professional, has a wide range of powerful facilities.
Windows allow you to control the screen layout of the spreadsheet whilst a different layout can be achieved when printing.
Special disc files can be created to link two or more spreadsheets. This facility allows you to build models much
larger than the computer's memory and is particularly useful for carrying forward data from one sheet to another.

ViewSheet can be used with the VIEW word processor...

Spreadsheets produced using ViewSheet can easily be transferred into VIEW text files allowing you to produce
letters and reports incorporating financial tables.

overview_1.jpg - 43Kb
OVERVIEW for the BBC Master 128

With the Overview cartridge inserted into a BBC Master Series computer, you will have the entire View
family of business productivity tools at your fingertips.

You are probably quite familiar with VIEW, the word processor, and VIEWSHEET, the spreadsheet program,
because they are already present in your computer. The OverView cartridge adds to these;
ViewStore, the Database handler.
ViewSpell, the spelling checker.
ViewPlot, the utility for plotting graphs and charts.
ViewIndex, the indexing utility.
The Printer Driver Generator, for interfacing the View-family programs to printers.

overview_2.jpg - 43Kb

overview_3.jpg - 43Kb

Source of Information : Acornsoft product descriptions.

The following are from 3rd Party Developers

beebug-astaad.jpg - 43Kb
ASTAAD was a Computer Aided Design package by BEEBUG, the producers of the 8bit magazine
of the same name. I bought this from them as I thought it would be usefull to make some
engineering drawings for my college work. It was 'ok', but trying to do CAD work with
keys for cursor movement made it unusable. Good idea but needed some polishing.

minioffice.jpg - 43Kb
This was the BBC Disc Based version of Database Software's MINI OFFICE suite.
It was a productivity package consisting of DataBase, Word Processor, Spreadsheet
and graphics package. It was quite well written and worked well on an 8-bit machine.

office-master.jpg - 43Kb
OFFICE MASTER from Watford Electronics. I got this package free when I bought my
BBC Master 128 new from them along with a single 5.25" Floppy Disc drive (promotion).
Very similar to MINI OFFICE but with more functionality and features with the likes of;
Cash Book, Final Accounts, Mail List, Easy Ledger, Invoices & Statements, Stock Control.

office-mate.jpg - 43Kb
OFFICE MATE from Watford Electronics. Again I got this package free when I bought my
BBC Master 128 new from them along with a single 5.25" Floppy Disc drive (promotion).
Features include: Data Base, Spreadsheet, Graph Plot and Word Processor.

wappingpackage.jpg - 43Kb
This was my WAPPING EDITOR Desk Top Publishing package by Watford Electronics.
It is shown here with my Watford Electronics Hand Scanner and Marconi RB2 trackerball.
This software was amazing, and I produced my college assignments using it. The best part
was using my Acorn 80186 (Master 512) Co-Processor that had been upgraded to 1Mb of RAM
as a huge RAM DISC by using Essential Software's CPFS+ Filing system. It made loading
and creating full A4 pages so much quicker than using a Floppy Disc for access.
I think that during my whole time with 8 bit machines this was my 'killer app'.

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