Acornsoft Educational Titles for the

BBC Microcomputer

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Suitlable for "A" Level students.

This pack contains three chemistry programs on cassette and a booklet.
The booklet is divided into three sections: Teachers' Guide, Students' Notes and Technical Documentation.
Loading instructions appear on the inside front cover of this pack and all other instructions are
contained in the booklet.

IR - This program provides an introduction to infra-red spectroscopy by presenting the spectra of some very
simple organic compounds. The student is to work out the number of atoms of each element contained
in one molecule of compound.

PH - This is a four part simulation of titration of acids against bases. part 1 gives a basic review together
with a graph plotting facility. Part 2 is a test on elementary theory and Part 3 is a test on the mathematical
theory on pH curves. Part 4 sets graded random problems with model answers.

ORGANAL - This is a simulation of an organic functional group analysis. By doing tests with selected reagents,
the student can identify the compund. Functional group reactions are summarised in the Basic Review to which
one can refer during the analysis.

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lnkger_b_tape.jpg - 43Kb

lnkspan_b_tape.jpg - 37Kb
The Gruneburg LINKWORD language course in Spanish has been designed for a variety of people -
those who want an elementary knowledge of Spanish for going on holiday; business people who need
to aquire the basics of Spanish in a hurry; children who find language learning by conventional
methods boring or difficult; and people who are just learning for pleasure.

Gruneberg LINKWORD language courses are unique in using a number of established principals of memory
to make language learning quicker, easier and more enjoyable than by conventional methods.
An independant assessment of a course run in a major international travel company found that executives
learned in 12 hours what normally took 40 hours to learn.

The pack contains a program cassette, an audio cassette, and an instruction booklet, so combining computer-aided
instructions with audio practice. As you use the programs you will follow a planned learning sequence, which
continually develops your knowledge.

The course teaches a vocabulary of about 400 words, covering topics such as restaurants, food, numbers, business,
travelling, emergencies, the car, the beach, furniture, colours, clothes, the family, telling the time, places,
people, and the calender. The course starts with a number of animal words.

You do not need a gift for languages to use this course. You will be amazed at how quickly and effortlessly you
learn, without hours of homework, simply by reading what is on the screen and working with your microcomputer.

msigns_b_tape.jpg - 31Kb
Put in signs *Addition/Subtraction* Multiplication/Division

This pack contains three programs on cassette.

Put in the Signs provides practice in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Each exercise presents the pupil with incomplete sums into which they must insert the sign which will
make the calculation correct. If two incorrect attempts are made, the program provides the correct answer.

The two Missing Signs programs present addition and subtraction, or multiplication and division equasions
which have the balancing sign missing. The child must calculate both sides of the equasion and decide wether
the missing sign is greater than or less than or equal to. The equasions contain one and two digit numbers.

All three programs offer a high degree of user control over the exercises presented to the child.
The "Teachers' Notes" which appear at the beggining of each program give the user the opportunity to set
the layout, difficulty, content and timing of the exercise before the child begins. Once these parameters
are set, the program can be used by up to 20 children and their results will be stored for later recall.

usingcomp_b_tape.jpg - 53Kb
Computer Synchronised Audio is the term coined by BBC School Radio producer Arthur Vialls and
presenter Fred Harris to describe their brain-child, Using Your Computer.

It is a technique which combines an audio voice-track with computer software to provide a unique audio-visual
presentation. Children (and adults!) can be left to operate the computer on their own. They simply follow the
clear instructions given by the presenter and the software.

The presentations offer an absorbing mix of explanation, demonstration and active participation at the keyboard.
They introduce various features of the computer, explain certain computer terms and tell something of the history
of computers and computing. Though primarily intended for children in the 9-12 age range, the presentations will
nevertheless find an audience amongst all those who would like a simple, easy-to-understand guide to computers and computing.

The pack contains two voice-track cassettes and two software cassettes.
You will need two cassette recorders in order to operate the presentations successfully.
(However, full instructions are provided on how to transfer the computer software to disc).

Source of Information : Acornsoft product descriptions.

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