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arcadians_b_tape.jpg - 33Kb arcadians_b_disc.jpg - 31Kb
arcadians_e_tape.jpg - 64Kb
We are the Arcadians! Our mission: destroy all aliens....

The Arcadians drone as they fly in convoy overhead. Without warning some of them suddenly swoop down
towards you: take aim and fire while avoiding their deadly dive-bombing tactics.

For one or two players, complete with music, full sound effects, and table of Hi-Scores.

aviator_b_disc.jpg - 41Kb
The flight simulator puts you in the pilots seat of a Spitfire Mk II single seater fighter.
You can make it fly just like the real thing - taking off, turning, climbing and landing.
In fact, you can do virtually all the things that the real aircraft can - loop the loop,
rolling and any aerobatics you wish to attempt. Take care though, because things can go disastrously
wrong and you may find yourself struggling to regain control as the aircraft plummets towards the ground.

Incorporated in Aviator is a three-dimensional world ready for you to explore (map provided).
Your score is based on successful landings and tests of skill such as flying between skyscrapers or
under bridges. There is also a chance to repel unfriendly life forms from outer space both on the ground
and in the air; a combined test of flying skill, navigation and tactics as you seek and destroy.

bboxgambit_b_disc.jpg - 45Kb
Black Box : Hidden within an eight by eight grid, four "atoms" represent a secret "molecular structure".
The object of the game is to deduce the exact position of the atoms by examining the paths taken
by "rays" fired into the grid.

Gambit: The object of this game is for each player to attempt to be the first to get all of his four men
back to the central "home" area. players position "walls" to direct their own men home or to block their
opponents and can sens a man back to the start by running over him.

boxer_b_disc.jpg - 35Kb boxer_e_tape.jpg - 61Kb
Boxer is a fast moving arcade-type game in which you try to catch baloons despite your opponent's attempts
to stop you. Dodge falling weights, and the hammers, boxing gloves and dumb-bells which hurtle across the
refters and will knock you flat if you can't avoid them!

carousel_b_tape.jpg - 31Kb carousel_b_disc.jpg - 34Kb
How good a shot are you? Can you shoot down all the ducks, owls and rabbits before you run out of bullets?
Watch out for the ducks which swoop down and steal from your already diminishing pile of ammunition.
If you manage to shoot them all down then you can have a go at shooting the polar bear. However, when you let
him escape, another group of birds and rabbits will appear and these won't be as easy to destroy as before.

This game has full colour graphics, sound effects and includes a table of high scores.

castleriddles_b_tape.jpg - 42Kb
"The adventure trade just isn't what it used to be", you reflect gloomily.
Nobody seems to need a trusty sword or a keen intellect any more. You're down to your last silver piece,
and there's tomorrow's dinner yet to be found. Sitting at the inn you contemplate earning an honest living
for a change. Perhaps a steady income wouldn't be to boring, after all.....

Suddenly, a cold draught and the slam of the door distract you from your train of thought, and seconds later,
a tall, silver-haired figure in a black cloak slips on to the bench nect to you....

So begins your magical adventure, with wizardry and hocus pocus of all kinds, booby traps and fiendish riddles
to be unravelled along the tortuous route to the Magic Ring of Power. Your reward is to keep the treasure that
you find on the way.

Source of Information : Acornsoft product descriptions.

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