Acornsoft Language Titles for the

BBC Microcomputer and Electron

forth-rom-front.jpg - 77Kb

forth-rom-rear.jpg - 68Kb
FORTH for the BBC Microcomputer.

AcornSoft FORTH is a complete implementation of the FORTH language, to the 1979 standard specification for the
BBC Microcomputer. FORTH is a compiled language so programs run very fast (typically five times faster than
BASIC). The ROM version gives full error messages and so is ideal for beginners as well as enthusiasts.

lisp_b_disc.jpg - 33Kb
LISP for the BBC Microcomputer Model-B

LISP is a fundimental language of artificial intelligence research and provides more flexibility in data and
control structures than traditional languages. LISP is easy to learn, and is widely-used for writing substantial
and sophisticated programs, with practical applications including design of educational systems and medical research.

This pack contains the LISP system on disc, and a LISP glossary. Acornsoft LISP for the BBC microcomputer consists
of 5.5k of machine code interpreter, plus 3k of initialised LISP workspace containing utilities and constants
which can be deleted to make extra space if not required.

The system features a number of extensions to basic LISP including PEEK, POKE, CALL, and VDU, to provide easy
interface with the BBC Microcomputer MOS and machine-code programs, improved interactive control structures
using LOOP, WHILE, and UNTIL functions, and disc input/output control functions.

The manual LISP on the BBC Microcomputer as a complete guide to Acornsoft LISP, and is available seperately.
The manual includes a section on programming for the complete beginner, and contains useful program examples,
including one which works out the best route between two towns on a map.

s-pascal_b_tape.jpg - 32Kb
S-Pascal for the BBC Microcomputer.

S-Pascal contains a subset of Pascal - one of the most popular programming languages available today.

Acornsoft S-Pascal supports interger, character and Boolean types, as well as multi-dimensional arrays.
It is block structured and completely recursive.

The pack is aimed at the educational user who knows some BASIC, particularly as an introduction to structured
programming languages. A comprehensive set of error messages aids teaching and debugging.

Since S-Pascal complies directly to 6502 machine code it is also eminently suitable for writing small fast utilities.
The library routines provided facilitate the use of graphics and allow operating system commands to be
accessed from within an S-Pascal program.

This pack contains the S-Pascal compiler on cassette, several example programs and a comprehensive User guide.

turtle_b_tape.jpg - 34Kb
Turtle Graphics for the BBC Microcomputer.

Turtle Graphics is designed as an introductory package for teaching geometry,
mathematics and graphics at an elementary level.

The interpreter supports a subset of the full LOGO implementation featuring only the simpler turtle graphics
facilities. The facilities provided are powerful enough to allow the development of fairly complex programs,
and include arithmetic operations, loops, proceedures and keyword abbreviations.
The manual included in this pack assumes no prior knowledge of turtle graphics and is ideal for parents
and teachers wishing to introduce the concepts of turtle graphics to children.

Source of Information : Acornsoft product descriptions.

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