Commercial and Personal Websites
Featuring RISC OS and Acorn Computers

NOTE: Some sites may have disappeared since this list was compiled
Classic Acorn is now in Archive mode and this list is no longer updated.

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Risc OS Essential News Sites

The RISC OS Blog
Regularly Updated News from the RISC OS front.
Drobe Launchpad
All the latest News, Views and reviews for RISC OS
(Now Operating in Archive Mode Only)
RISC OS News and Reviews, Forum and Classified Ads
Central Repository For Information, Projects and Content.

Forum / Discussion Groups

StarDot Forums for users of Acorn computers and emulators


ARCHIVE Magazine
RISC OS Magazine

Internet Service Providers

Orpheus Internet
RISC OS friendly ISP

Software Development

RISC OS Open Ltd
Developers of 32bit RISC OS 5.xx
Owners of RISC OS 3 - 6
Developers of HTML Edit, Messenger Pro, NetFetch, Webster XL and many other top applications.
MW Software
Artworks 2 & Gutenprint
NETSURF Open Source web browser for RISC OS
Softrock Software
RISC OS Software

Hardware Development

The ARMini RISC OS ARM Powered Computer
Stuart Tyrell Developments
Developers of the Unipod, Mouse Mini

Hardware & Software Sales

CJE Micro's
Everything you could possibly want

Useful Downloads

The BBC Lives!
Resources for all Acorn Machines
Various OS, Dealer Support and Development Disc Resources
RISC OS Resources

Personal Websites

The Ultimate Resource for the Acorn 8-bit range of Microcomputers
Everything you needed to know about Econet, and other Acorn related hardware
Retro Kit
Paul Vernon's collection of Acorn kit.
BBC Computer Pages
Excellent resource of Master 512 Info.
Acorn Computer Users WWW Server
Site with lots of useful info.
Paul Vigay's Homepage
Extensive website of RISC OS and other interests.
Technical History of Acorn Computers
RISC OS (formerly Acorn) Computers
Info on various Acorn / RISC OS Computers
House of Mabel
Richard Goodwin's Site with excellent Computer Museum.
Software Evolutions
32bit Product Codes, List of RISC OS Versions, Some Free Utilities.

Other Sites I Recommend

The Centre For Computing History
Cambridge based, the home of the UK computer industry
Vist the website or better still visit in person
something for everyone, a nostalgic computer wonderland
News and Comparisons of Linux and BSD Distributions
The Register
Independant News, Views, Opinions and Reviews in the IT industry.
I, Cringely
Excellent site by the Author of;
"Accidental Empires: How the Boys of Silicon Valley Made Their Millions,
Battle Foreign Competition, and Still Can't Get a Date."
I do recommend anyone interested in the early days of IBM, Microsoft, Apple etc to read this book.
Though it could do with a revised edition to bring it up to date.

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