Acorn Pocket Book II

Product Codes
AHB05 - Pocket Book II 256K
AHB07 - Pocket Book II 1Mb

AHA31 - Pocket Book Parallel Printer Interface
AHA30 - Pocket Book A-Link
EXI90 - Pocket Book PC-Link
EXI91 - Pocket Book Mac-Link

The pocket books are available in several configurations. The original Pocket Book is built around a 16-bit NEC V30H processor running at approx. 4MHz. It was supplied with 256K RAM as standard with a substantial ROM containing the multi-tasking GUI and five applications; Write - word processor, Card - database, Abacus - spreadsheet, Time - clock and alarm, and Calc - a scientific calculator.

The Pocket Book II, is provided in 256K or 1Mb versions. Running substantially faster the Pocket Book II boasts an enhanced display, double the screen area of the original Pocketbook with far greater resolution. In addition to all the software on the original model, Pocket Book II comes ready loaded with a Thesaurus, Schedule (fully featured personal diary), OPL programming language, World (a gazetteer of capital cities, time zones, and IDD codes), a sound Recorder, Plotter (a mathematical function plotter) and a full suite of printer drivers.

A serial adaptor allows the Pocket Book to transfer files to or from a desktop computer, whether it be an Acorn, PC or Apple.

Remember the PC XT Compatible you used back in the mid-eighties. Well the Pocket Book is a very similar computer, except of course that it will run for 60 hours on two AA batteries and you can hold it in one hand!

Source of Information : Acorn Education Centre, Tasmania

Images of My Pocket Book II

Acorn_PBook2_and_Adaptor.jpg - 28Kb
This image shows my personal Acorn Pocket Book II.
Basically a re-badged Psion 3a. Also shown is the original Mains Adaptor and Box.

Acorn_PBook2_closeup.jpg - 47Kb
This is a closeup of the machine.

Acorn_PBook2_Module.jpg - 28Kb
There are 2 ROM/Flash RAM slots on the rear of the Pocket Book II.
This module contains a Spelling/Thesarus program.

Acorn_PBook2_open.jpg - 23Kb
A view of the rear of the unit. Showing from left to right, Module slot, also the location for
the backup battery. Centre cover removed showing main battery compartment,
And right hand module slot opened up with Spell ROM removed.

Acorn_PBook2_size.jpg - 28Kb
Just a reference shot to show you the actual size of the unit, about 6.5 inches long.

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