SafeCom SAMR-4114 Modification

Not Acorn or RISC OS hardware but this is relevant.
I have been using a SafeCom SAMR-4114 ADSL Modem Router for a
few years now and has always been reliable. However, about 6
months ago it started to play up. Mainly it just wouldn't
through-put any data. It maintained the connection but the
internet became intermittant. I believe overheating is to blame.

So, in my first Mod, I took the thing apart, drilled 3 holes
in the lower front panel and fashioned out of cardboard a small
air duct to take air from these holes and have it flow over the
main CPU on the PCB. Next I hacked a large hole in the top of the
case and attatched a standard PC case fan, with a nice silver metal
grill taken from a old PC PSU screwed on top. The power leads were
soldered to the internal power supply input on the PCB. I fired up
the new configuration and without a cloud of smoke all appeared fine.

I have had this running like this for about 6 months now and it has
been totally reliable. So now my Linux PC and my Risc PC's can
access the net and talk to each other without problem

A couple of images of the modification are below.

router_1.JPG - 35Kb

router_2.JPG - 59Kb

Update to the above
This Router eventually died and was replaced with a NETGEAR DG834
That has now been replaced with a BT Fibre Hub ( July 2018 )

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