Program submissions for my CSE Exam
in Computer Studies 1986

The following are 3 program submissions that I made for my final exams in what was
then (1986) called "Computer Studies" at CSE Level (Certificate of Secondary Education).
As well as these submissions that had to come with a full printed out listing and full
breakdown description of the program including all variables used, all proceedures used
their function and usage, plus all other aspects to show that you knew what you were doing,
there was of course the written exam. I must have learnt something as I obtained a Grade 1

The last but one program listed is an attempt to program a simple 'Space Invaders" type game.
The listing is provided, but I never submitted it for the exam as it was still very raw and
was written in BASIC, and of course I was running out of time to make my final submissions.

The final program 'GEO QUIZ' was an adaption of a very small program that my teacher wrote to
explain the usage of READ & DATA statments by making a small quiz program to demonstrate this.
I took the idea further and expanded on it with more questions and a basic map. My teacher was
impressed with this and he used it occasionally with his geography class that he also took.
Although twelve computers in a room beeping all the time would be enough to make anyone go mad.

So below in all their ancient glory are my school computer studies programs.

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