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20th October 2018:
Some Final updates behind the scenes with some HTML tidying etc.
Just added a better system in case anyone comes to a page directly from
a Search Engine and does not see the main content menu on the left, they
now have a direct link to bring them to the front end of the site.
Apart from that I do not think I have anything more to add at this time.
18th October 2018:
A small update today.
I have added 'Acorn 80186 Co Processor' to the Misc 8bit Hardware section.
This is a nice series of images of the 80186 that I once owned and used
extensively trying to get old PC software to run and as a RAM Disc for
Desk Top Publishing work on my BBC Master 128 during my college years.
This will probably be the last major 'visible' update to the site because
unless I find any more interesting stuff hidden on hard drives and memory
sticks or CD's then I have just about run out of new content to upload!
17th October 2018:
A few more additions today.
Added some images of 3rd party applications to the 8bit Applications page.
They are not AcornSoft titles but just images of stuff I used to own.
A new 32-bit Literature section, not much content but it shows some of
the Acorn CLAN magazines and also a book for the Archimedes on Graphics.
Added a couple of images of the Acorn PC Card upgrade to the 32-bit Misc.
Pics / Processor Cards section. A view of the pack and a closeup of the CPU.
Added a load more images to the Risc PC Misc. Images so we now have a
Second page with images of two of the RISC PC's that I used to own.
16th October 2018:
Even more additions today for the site.
Added a section with a few pictures of an Acorn Training Manual.
Basically a folder that the Machine Technical Reference Manuals came in.
Images of the ANF03 and its High Street Equivalent sold by Dixons have
been put into its own section entitled 'Tape Deck Variants'
To the 32bit Misc Podule Images I have added some pics of my Calligraph
Laser Printer Podule, Cumana 16bit SCSI, HCCS Video Digitiser and Scanlight
MiniPodule that would have been used in the smaller A3010/20/A4000 range.
Some nice images of a very clean tape only BBC Model-B that I owned have
been added to the Misc Images Model B section. Also an image of the long
running BEEBUG magazine that I subscribed to in 3rd Party Cover Scans.
And finally a couple of images of the INTER-WORD package for the Archimedes
range of machines placed in the 32bit Software/Applications section.
15th October 2018:
Some more additions today so we are not finnished yet.
Some images of the 8bit Acorn OVERVIEW pack added to 8bit APPS section.
Images of my Panasonic KX-P1180 Dot Matrix Printer that I used to have.
Added an image of an Acorn A7000+ to the Misc A7000 Images section.
8bit Misc Hardware images now has a Page 5 with some more interesting stuff.
14th October 2018:
Another small change today.
I have modified the formatting and some wording within the
A Computing Journey' article to make the text more even and
more flowing to read, noting and correcting a few typo's on the way.
This could well be the last update to the site. I have quite a bit
more but it would be un-ethical and would probably infringe somwhere
so we will leave it there. Its all available elswhere on the net if you look.
13th October 2018:
Another upload today.
I have added a section called "School CSE Exam. Work"
I found out the listing of the programs that I wrote in BBC BASIC
for my CSE (Certificate of Secondary Education) for those too young
to know what a CSE is and uploaded the listings of my submitted work.
All academic and uninspiring, just a little more history from 1985/86
12th October 2018:
Lots of new Images Uploaded Today.
These are a collection of Misc. 32bit machines, components & Upgrades.
The images are mostly from online auction sites, but used as they
represent some of the more obscure hardware that Acorn produced.
They are presented for historical interest/reference for enthusiasts.
So any section that is 32bit related and says Misc.... is updated.
A4, A310, A410, A420, A440, A500, A540, A680 UNIX, A3000, A3010, A3020
A4000, A5000, A7000, Acorn Online Set Top Box, Acorn DeskLite, Iyonix,
Misc 32bit Hardware, Acorn Net Station, Acorn Phoebe, Misc Podules,
Misc Processor Cards, Risc PC and the Prototype Acorn Stork laptop.
7th October 2018:
Some more additions to the site today.
Have added another batch of 'Misc. Images' to the 8bit section.
Again, a lot of these images are sourced from online auctions.
They do provide a fascinating array of standard and modified machines.
Categories added are: Atom, BBC Model-A, BBC Model-B, BBC Model-B+
And a general link to BBC modifications that fall into every category.
Also electron, Master 128 & Master Compact old misc. images added.
6th October 2018:
Some more additions to the site today.
Have added a large section entitled 'Misc. Images' to the
Misc 8bit Hardware Section. This is a large collection of Misc.
8bit hardware images that I have had collecting dust for years.
Most of the images are from an online auction site but they are
there to highlight some of the more obscure items that existed.
30th September 2018:
Some more additions to the site today.
I have added a few more Acorn 8bit User Manual cover scans.
Also a section with 3rd party 8bit User Manual cover scans.
An advertisment from electron user for the Plus 1 & Plus 3
And finally an image of some Master Class VHS videos I had.
29th September 2018:
Some additions to the site today.
I have been sorting through my archives to find content that I
can add to the site without copyright infringment ie software.
So I have uploaded a section with 32bit Service manuals in PDF
BBC Master 128 Reference Manuals Part 1 & Part 2
8bit Hardware Circuit Diagrams
Brochures for the BBC Master 512, Compact and A300 Series machines
I will now embark on the huge task of sorting and presenting my
huge back catalogue of 8 & 32 bit hardware images for upload.
This may take another week or two to complete so hang in there.
13th August 2018:
Site uploaded to it's new home and html de-bugged
Thank you to The Centre For Computing History
From Classic Acorn's founder Richard
8th August 2018:
Final additions and corrections being made to the site.
A new section added entitled "My Computing Journey"
This is my personal journey and recollections of computing
in the UK since the mid 1980's to present time ( 2018 )
39th July 2018:
Preparing the Website for Online Preservation.
I no longer have webspace due to a change of service provider.
So I have decided to do a final update to the content.
3rd July 2018:
Added a Transcript of the Castle Technology theatre presentation
at the 2005 RiscOS South West Show at the Webbingdon Hotel, Somerset.


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